Yeah, I’m done moping…for now. (Big Dreams Blog Update #41)

It’s Update Day!


Yes, we’re at the end of February – and last Friday of this month means Update over at the DO YOU HAVE A GOAL? blog hop. Hosted by authors Misha Gericke, Jen Garrett, and Brittney Woodson, this blog hop is all about choosing one (possibly crazy) dream and then setting the small goals needed to achieve its greatness!

Want to sign up? Click on the banner for the blog hop above, or right HERE and share your goals; let us cheer you on!!

My big, maybe – crazy goal is writing a million words worth of completed stories. They don’t need to be published; I just need to write it and read it over, decide whether to pursue it.

So, February did not go as I planned at all…and I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but moping. I DID read a lot on my Kindle, so I guess there’s an up here, but I’m doing this full-time and so I don’t have the luxury of moping. I am revising my plan for my freelancing work, but that can often be soul-sucking (content mill hell), and though it does bring in money, I spent a week-ish wondering if it was worth it.

Anyways, here are said goals I set for this month.

February 2017 goals:

☀start and finish holiday novella WIP

☀kick off my #ChiVamps series marathon (more deets on that later)

☀start to plan for A-Z challenge–have no clue what my theme will be this year…>_<

How did I do?

I scrapped the holiday novella before I even started it. I did plot it, but that’s all I got, a brief outline. My heart isn’t into UF right now. I’m stuck between cozies and sexy romance.

As for the A-Z challenge planning, I’ve been tossing different themes around, and I think I might have found one that works. I’ll be developing that more in March, because like last year, I learned it’s way easier planning and writing posts beforehand, so I have more time to visit other blogs participating in the awesome challenge event. You should consider joining if you haven’t already!

Now, my goals in March are…

March 2017 goals:

☀continue with the contemporary romance WIP tentatively titled The Amish Dream

☀read four books (one book a week)

☀prepare the posts for the A-Z challenge (gotta make a run to the library…*hint, hint*

I’m determined to hit all my goals this month. I haven’t started 2017 the way I wanted to, but I’m darn ready to turn that around.

Wish me luck?

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RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #6: Keeping on!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



Oops! I’m late with this post, but better late than never I suppose.

I’m mostly late because I haven’t done much since my last update. I’ve been afraid to write. I have these lengthy periods where I can’t bring myself to do much more than plot and dream up scenes and dialogue, but I can’t get the words flowing–and it has nothing to do with being stuck in the plotting, and everything to do with fear of failure. Fear of confronting the words on the page and then judging right out of the gate. NOT a conducive way to do anything by the way.

And, yeah, I’m talking myself through it. What I’m going to have to do is take it a day at a time, a sentence at a time, until I get that confidence back. The confidence is in the actual writing. I have to write to start to feel like I’ve got a grip on my creations.

In the meanwhile, what could you do if you’re afraid or you find you’re not writing as much as you’d like and you’re trying to re-wire your fearful thinking?

1. Do what you enjoy.

Easy enough. I’ve said this a lot in my blog whenever I write these kind of posts. I find baking, watching TV, reading, window shopping (yeah, I know, retail therapy at its best) and even cleaning and re-organizing to be great ways to trick my mind into wanting to write. By the time I’ve taken a long break, I feel like I return to the page like a starved Sylvester.

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2. Do have a notebook near.

I use the Notes in my phone because it’s easier at night to jot down an idea if one strikes. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever revisit the idea, but I usually judge that when I’m more awake… Yes, sometimes bursts of inspiration that feel amazing at 3am are not like so when I’m wide awake and I’ve gotten my daily dose of caffeine.

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3. Do some other writing.

I don’t journal much, but I tried it last year and I’d recommend it. It takes away the stress of having to show anyone your work. And that’s where fan fiction could come along as well. Everyone has a fandom they enjoy, so find yours and write a short story, or a series of one shots if you’re not willing to dedicate a whole lot of time to a longer derivative work.

My problem with writing is that I worry to get it perfect even though I realize I’ll have to edit it because it’s still a first draft. If you’re like me, then you just need to take a step back, breathe, re-group, and get to doing what you’re passionate about and don’t worry 100% where you’ll land; there’s always room for growth at the end too.

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And next update is the final one for this year’s RSS Winter Writing Festival. I’m sad to see it end, but it’s also nearly the end of winter, and spring brings more growth…and much-needed sunshine.

See you then! And keep keeping on!

RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #5: It’s (Kinda) Not Me!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



It’s post-Valentine’s, and I spent yesterday trying to woo my latest WIPs – yeah, I’m a player, courting 2 stories at once – I realized sometimes it’s really not you causing all the relationship problems.

Sometimes I catch myself blaming my outlining skill, or my writing ability, or my propensity to procrastinate…let those eyes wander to Slutty New Idea(s)* BUT I’m not always at fault!

Yeppers, I’m looking at you manuscript(s). Both of you. I’m not the bad guy here. You should be burden with some of the blame. So I got some questions…probably stuff I should have asked before, but *cracks knuckles (but ew! not really)*

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1. Why Can’t You Be Easy?

Why is it you start off all nice and sweet, and you’re busting out the flowers, and champagne, and heart-shaped chocolates, and BAM! All of a sudden we’re past the outline stage, and getting into the real serious first drafting and it’s like “what the heck have I been doing with you”? Maybe we moved too quick…

2. Why Are You Making Me Think Such Awful Things About Myself?

That doesn’t explain why you’re making me hate myself. Suddenly it’s like I can’t even look in the mirror without confronting a stranger.

Image result for patrick punching mirror gif

Like who is that girl and why is she letting this puny story beat her ass?

3. Do we need a break? Or should we call it quits?

Break, quits. Break, quits.

Which is it going to be?

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I could start dating again, shopping around, see what manuscript fits me, but I also kinda like how we started before everything went to heck and all. So I guess it depends on what I want to do, and doing what feels right, not necessarily what makes me happy right now.

Which brings me to my final point…

4. Let’s move on.

Whether we go our separate ways or not, I’m wishing you the best.

No, I won’t promise whipping out dolls to prick and stick some voodun magic your way, but I will stop opening your file and delete you from my life. Cool? Cool.

And okay, fine, let’s agree to definitely agree that the Internal Editor hates us both and should be bitten, mercilessly.

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*courtesy of NYT bestselling author Rachel Hawkins. She’s mad funny, guys, and great books–>go read them.

RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #4: Be You!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



Another week, and not much to update.

I did finish a novel, so there’s that…

But after the excitement of the ending wore off, I found myself feeling a little blue. Aimless, more like it. I had my hands on a second WIP, but I woke up the next morning not in the mood to write. Of course, I pushed myself. I’m getting WAY better at showing up, shutting up and doing the work, but I also lowered my word count and that helped ease the guilt hounding me.

I’m totally cool now! I finished the second WIP and I’m fixing my eye on my next story. I should mention I freelance write, so these stories are not mine once I send them to their rightful clients. It’s a way to keep me afloat; not entirely lucrative, but it’s doing the trick for now. In the meantime, I’m hankering to get started on writing a story of my own again. The last story I finished of mine was back in October, and it’s high time I got my hands back in the game.

So, moving forward into this latest week of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood‘s Winter Writing Festival, I’d like to sanely juggle WIP #3 for a client and my side project.

As an aside, if you’re feeling a little down about your story (stories), don’t be. Sometimes I fret that I’m not a good enough writer, but I’m getting better at stopping and asking myself who I’m measuring myself up against. Because usually it isn’t me and I’ll complain “I’m not as good as Authors X, Y, Z” and “I’d bet Authors A, B, C could take my premise and make magic of it”.

Stop, breathe, and repeat this Wilde truth: “Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.”

Image result for oscar wilde everyone else is taken

They really are.

Be true; be you!

And get out there and make magic of your own already.

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RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #3: Win all the Words!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



What even?!

Where are the weeks going? Flying away, that’s where. Far from here. Sorta like what I want to do now that it’s getting to the “blah, when is it gonna be over” phase of winter.

Thank God for the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Winter Writing Festival!

Where would I be without the fun, productive sprints in the official chatroom? Somewhere, granted, but probably with a lot less fun. If you haven’t done a sprint yet, let me prod you to do one now. You don’t need some special permission, and it doesn’t require signing up. Just click the “Chatroom” tab on one of the scheduled sprinting times (find those on the left side of the screen, updated weekly) and VIOLA, you’re chatting and sprinting away.

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Now how am I doing?

Another awesome week. Almost through with this WIP and then I’m celebrating before I pick up WIP #2. It’s all about pacing myself. I already know I write best in the morning. My golden hours are between 5am-12pm. Then it’s mostly my being distracted by the Internet. I do better writing on my tablet in the evenings, but then again I could spend them reading, right?

So, 3 weeks down and 4 weeks left of the RSS’s Winter Writing Festival. It’s never too late to join, so hop in and win all the words, friends!


RSS Winter Writing Fest update closing marker

New year & other stuff. (Big Dreams Blog Update #40)

New year, new update, and some other new stuff!

Now for the last 3.5-ish years I’ve been part of the Do You Have Goals/Big Dreams Blog Hop. Hosted by author Misha Gericke, we call it lots of things actually, but the point of the blog hop is to share at least one (crazy optional) goal and publicly hold yourself accountable to reaching it. It’s WAY more likely you’ll complete a goal if you share it. Saving face is EVERYTHING (for some of us anyways).

Interested in making your goals reality this 2017, JOIN us and take that first step! We promise you a cheering squad!

Let’s move on to see how I fared in January.

My big, sorta crazy goal through this blog hop is still going: I’m aiming to write 1 million* words. All words I have to read at some point. I hadn’t been doing that the first 2 years of this blog hop, but I had 2016 to set myself straight there.

*NOTE: I haven’t calculated where my word count is at in relation to that 1 million. I’ll see to doing that next month, have actual stats posted and all. 🙂

All-righty! What were my goals for this month…?

January 2017 goals:

☀start writing that YA contemp WIP I’ve been mulling over

☀read the 7 books I have waiting in my most recent library haul

☀start on some SUPER early not-spring cleaning…so winter cleaning. Sometimes I wish I lived a more minimalist lifestyle. One of these days… *grimaces at clutter*


I didn’t do the YA WIP. I decided to go the freelancing route for now. So I’ve been writing, just no writing toward that.

I didn’t read 7 books. I got 3 books completed, 2 of which I started in December. So not a lot in the reading department. Something I need to change going forward. It’s great I’m writing, but I need to round my schedule out, and I’m not time managing as well as I could honestly. Gonna change next month, promise!

Paused on the winter cleaning. Just because.


February 2017 goals:

☀start and finish holiday novella WIP

☀kick off my #ChiVamps series marathon (more deets on that later)

☀start to plan for A-Z challenge–have no clue what my theme will be this year…>_<


 Again, doable goals if I peck away at them little-by-little, day by day. I got this, guys and gals! But in case you’re like “RIGHT” and pulling a doubting Thomas there, I invite you to come back next month and check out how my smaller goals are coming along.

RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #2: Dance!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



Another week completed!

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Getting ahead of myself, but I’m on a high. Not that kind of high.

No, I got a lot more accomplished this week. Like writing more early on in this WIP and then lowering my overall word count. Also hitting the halfway mark of 50K!

Image result for dance party gif tumblr

You heard the man. Dance!

You didn’t make your goals, that’s fine. Renew them and hit them hard this week. Or just hit them, you know. Do something, anything that’s better than nothing.

For those of you feeling down in the dumps, maybe gripped by seasonal affective disorder, try to brighten your work space/area, and break those larger, long-term goals into manageable smaller goals. Make sure you get in your exercise and eat healthy, and SLEEP–that’s good for you, my zombie friends.

And the days and moments where you’re at your worse, just stop, do something fun and remember why you started this journey.

You got this.

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