999 bottles of So Good on the wall

Okay.  First post.  Should have probably thought this through, but I figure I want these posts to be real raw.  I might do some future planning, but I’ll probably do the whole prepare-a-speech-and-picture-readers-naked (*cough*) thing, so…yeah.  Probably good I’m doing the impromptu bit.

My inspiration for starting a blog is one part due to that famous saying between writers, along the lines of “you need to write one million words of bullplop before you can get one good word down”.  So, not counting these words, I still have one million words–and I’m trying SO damn hard not to try to count these words.  Anyways, then I came across a little treasure of a blog post by Wings author Aprilynne Pike.

Not ‘m not always about challenges, but I couldn’t get the thrill of this one out of my head.  After some quick math I came to the conclusion that if I write 1000 words a day for 1000 days (<– yeah.  I know.  Bear with me.) that I could have those million words in the palm of my hand–err, I mean, on my computer screen.

Though I’m jumping into what could be a very shallow pool only to surface from this word vomit very much dead, I’ve accepted the challenge and embark on the 1000 words a day spree on this day, the fourteenth of August in the year twenty-thirteen…

And for those of you too lazy to add, that’d be writing from today, ohh, until May 8th, 2016.  Mhmmm.  Friggin’ 2016.  Now I’m considering hard liquor under $30.*

Side note: I might totally become an alcoholic by the end of this adventure…

*says the mid-sized teetotalist.

3 thoughts on “999 bottles of So Good on the wall

  1. You picked such a great goal! A million words is said to make you an “expert” writer. Hitting a million of words of fiction is one of my goals. Good luck!


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