A Memorable 13th

Oh.  Where has this near-month gone?

I don’t imagine I’ll be posting all this much this September either.  So sorry.  Though I can’t imagine there are too much of you reading this post.

So a quick update is in order:

1) I want to my first concert ever–like ever.  It was absolutely effin amazeballs!  But you don’t want to hear that.  So here’s the quick stats:  the band playing was Biilly Talent.  My love for their music kicked off in early 2006 with their, then hit, “Devil in a Midnight Mass”–and, lo serendiptity in all her glory, they kicked off the concert with, you guessed it, “hold your breath and count to four…”.  -headbang-  The cherry on top of this minty chocolatey chippy ice cream  (and yes, there was a lot of screaming) was the tickets were $10 a pop, AND I paid last minute at the door at T-minus 30 minutes before the concert (and fun!) begun.  The venue was small and cozy, a great ambiance over all for a last-minute charity event.  So it worked out really swell for me because I had to skip out on an earlier concert they held in my home city back in April of this year.  This was all just meant to be…  (I have some footage I may put up at a later date.)

2) In other news–on the writing front–I hit 50K (for the first time, ahhhh! -freak out-) two days ago…but I’m not done writing the story and it was more of a “yay!  whoopie!” than a “everyone, something amazing has just happened”.  <— this will probably happen with my family when I am done.

So where do I go from here?  I continue to write, hit my daily word count goals and just avoid giving into my evil other self (a.k.a. the infamous “internal editor”).  Till then, I mush on.

P.S.  Okay, I did celebrate a bit.  I got a promise ring…on my ear.  Well, a helix ring actually.  See I’ve been wanting another helix for a while so it fit together all so well.  I figure this way all the throbbing will remind me of my promise to myself to actually finish this story in its 3-6 months average healing time.  (Which would make it my first, if you hadn’t gotten that already, y’know.)  I’m so cruel to myself…the lengths I’ll go to, I wonder.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and hunt down a book-themed earring once it’s all healed up.  Who knows? 🙂

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