New Years, Not-so New Dreams (Big Dreams Blog Update #3)

Happy New Years’ Eve fellow bloggers and readers!
Yes, also happy belated Update Day.  Not much has passed since the last post.  December was another month for celebrating my second 50K+ on a second fanfiction I was working on.
And shortly after I promptly abandoned this story, too… *sigh*
Surprisingly I’m not as upset as I was the first time, and it’s not all ‘cause I’ve been numbing myself with holiday treats.  Actually though I haven’t completed my 2013 goal of completing a novel, I have gained a lot of knowledge about myself.
For instant, I work best from 3am-8am, and then I slowly begin to crash creative-wise.  I also learned I’m not a plotter at all!  This was a huge shock.  One of the things I love to do when I get an idea is write every little detail, even the meaningless ones (i.e. a character’s blood type, although in my defence I do have a reason for doing this -insert future blog post link here-).  So I’m not a plotter and I sure as heck knew I wasn’t a pantser.  I did do a blog post on this, the whole planter thing.
Yeah, I’m also not much of a snacker while I write.  I actually think eating distracts me, but I might pop in a bite here and there while plotting away from the computer.
I got a blog, and yeah, not a year wasted at all.
So without further blabbing, here are my 2014 writing/reading-related goals:
30 books for 2014:  For this one I set aside a separate tab—page tab is at the top of this blog—to record my process as I complete each book.   All-in-all a manageable reading load.
Finish an industry standard full-length (that’d be 50K+) novel:  To help motivate me I’m kinda going to be doing the 750-word/day challenge at  The site is created and hosted by Buster Benson.  They have monthly challenges for writing, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, 750 words daily, and they offer treats.  Adding to this, though I have no Facebook account and don’t plan to get one anytime soon, I’ll be checking in on the writers participating in the 2014 One-Page-a-Day Writing Challenge.  This group is hosted I believe by Spiritual Writers Network.
Attend at least one meeting at my local Romance Writers’ Association chapter:  This goal has been a long time coming, as in 2.5 years of saying I’d be doing it.  I found the chapter in summer 2010 and since then I’ve been pushing back their monthly meetings, but this upcoming meeting is actually hosting a critique group open to the public for a small fee.  10 pages of your manuscript or synopsis can be critiqued for a reasonable price!  I’d just be a sucker to let this one go…
I’ll close my final post of the year with well wishes for everyone’s’ dreams and goals (’cause isn’t that what this blog hop is all about, big and crazy dreams?!).  When I look back at 2013 I’ll fondly–with the teeniest annoyance–remember what its 365 days have taught me:
“Just shut up and do it.”

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