Day 1, 2, 3… WRITE ON.

Should’ve posted this three days ago.
Phew.  Already three days. O_O
Somehow when you’re writing time just flies…  Usually I’d have spent the weekend like every other weekend since 2014 started: complaining about the sheer impossibility of churning out ~6000 words.
Looking back now, I don’t really know how I did it.  It’s kind of like getting your eye brows shaped.  I hate the pain of the threading, but I know my brows gonna look slammin’ afterwards so I tough it out.  Ask me in the car on the way home from said threading and I’ll tell you “I don’t know how I just did that”.
It’s like magic, where the main ingredients are sweat, blood and tears and not always sugar, spice and everything not sweaty, bloody, or teary-eye inducing.
Uh, yeah.  Where’s the caution label?
So this page will document my journey through daily posts.  (At least daily from here on out.)
Word counts go beyond numbers.  What I’d really like is show just how much feelings (mostly crying.  Expect a lot of whining and crying) are in those cold hard numerals.


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