Super glue looks promising (Big Dreams Blog Update #5)

Yet another Update Day!  Whew.  Is it me or are the days flying by and it seems every other day is the end of a month?

So, what does the end of February bring other than no breaks until essay, assignment and final deadlines?  Winter?  Daylight Savings?  (Hint: All of the named.)

Anyways, enough of my grousing.  As part of the Big Dreams Blog Hoppity Hop hosted by geniuses Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, Update Day means I get to let you know how I’ve been faring on my long-term goal of completing stories adding up to one million words.  (Also, make sure to click the official picture of the Blog Hop to find all 21 of us participating big dream crazy troopers and cheer us on!)

Well, since I haven’t completed anything (and I keep scraping everything I start) I’d say the goal is going nowhere.  BUT I’m ever the optimist and I figure one of these days I’ll stick a WIP through to THE END.

Basically the way I see it is that it’s never too late to start again…or to superglue your butt to your computer chair*.

I swear the things I find on cheezburger.

Yes, definitely not too late to start.  And today seems like a good enough day to try again.

*SIDE NOTE: I’m going to talk about a new process I’ve been working on…actually not new, more like tried and true but I’ve backed it up with textbook analysis and weeks’ worth of self-exploration.  (More on this in next post, I promise!)

4 thoughts on “Super glue looks promising (Big Dreams Blog Update #5)

  1. Yes, I agree with Beth. You are being too hard on yourself. Starting noting down the word count of everything you write, even the scrapped stuff, and I bet it will soon be adding up.


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