BOOK REVIEW (3): Motive for Murder

Book Review:
Motive for Murder

This one is a definite favourite!  Carol J. Post’s Motive for Murder is a perfect blend of look-over-your-shoulder suspense and sweet, tension-filled romance.
As part of Harlequin’s inspirational romantic suspense line it should be equal parts romance and suspense, but that’s also a warning to any reader who might be expecting sexy bedroom times.  But this story doesn’t lack any of the emotion complication romances have.
More of a whydunit than a whodunit, the identity of the killer is revealed early on so don’t let that stop you from reading.
The pacing is steadily divided between the clues towards the whydunit mystery and the growing romance between Jess and Shane. Dialogue and introspection is well-balanced, and the whole story moved towards a natural climax (which I’m not sharing, so Go Read The Book).


All I disliked was Jess’ coldness towards her sister even in death and her reaction after one of the secondary characters, Lexi, experiences this really horrible event that causes her significantly understandable trauma.


My verdict:



(4.5 stars)

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