BOOK REVIEW (4): The Twelve Olympians

TBH, I finished reading Charles Seltman’s The Twelve Olympians nearly three months ago, but I’m posting this late.  (Actually I’m writing this now from the past.  Brought to you by ME from 3 days ago. hahaha… I crack myself up.)

Enough of my funny though, “on to the review!” Zeus says.
Badassery at the God level.
Unfortunately, this book wasn’t badassery.  Or should I say fortunately.  It’s informative, that’s for sure, and I definitely expanded on my repository of–often useless–Greek mythology and all things concerning our favourite polytheistic pantheon.
The version of the book I borrowed from my school library didn’t have this sexy man on it.  (This could possibly be because it was a hardcover version stripped of its cover.)  But it’s the same book, although I can’t attest to whether it’s the same edition.
Too much little details.  I don’t particularly care for coinage or whose face is on what, and though I understand the book was originally published in the 1920s, it should have been more accessible.  At least this readers thinks so. It reads all right, but it’s also a slow and tedious plodding through to the end.
I really did learn a lot.  I especially loved the second chapter, the chapter dedicated to Aphrodite and the following chapter on Hephaestus (or Hephaistos, as its spelled in its variant in the book). Also there are some memorable phrases I personally stored away and interesting historical facts that made up for the majority of the boring filler information.
My verdict:
(3 stars)

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