BOOK REVIEW (5): Murder Unmentionable (A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery #1)

Book Review:
Murder Unmentionable


This is my second cozy murder mystery series, and I’m happy to report that I chose right.
Meg London’s first book of her Sweet Nothings Lingerie mystery series is (was?) a delight!
I loved the lingerie theme. It’s what draws me to the stories. Amidst the cooking-themed cozies Murder Unmentionable is a breath of fresh air!
Book 1 follows heroine Emma Taylor, a 29-year-old niece of the Sweet nothing shop owner.  A transplant from the world of New York fashion, Emma arrives with the small-term goal of assisting her beloved aunt with her down-and-under lingerie store. Returning to her small Tennessee town, Emma is carrying a lot of personal baggage (she just caught her boyfriend cheating) and while she figures small town is synonymous with boring but stable life, a murder throws a wrench into her plans for obscurity.
And when the murder happens right in her aunt’s shop well she needs to pull out her amateur sleuthing cap and sleuth away to prove her own and her aunt’s innocence.
Murder Unmentionable is an enjoyable read with a colourful secondary cast, steady pacing and snappy dialogue breaking apart any introspection (and annoyingly long food preparation descriptions—seriously I get that it’s the south and people love to cook fine southern food!).
That being said, there were some other reasons why it didn’t get a 5/5 for me.
I didn’t like that I knew the killer by page 50ish. It’s a whodunit, so it shouldn’t have been that easy.  I also didn’t enjoy the romance as much as I wanted to.  I loved the whole best friend’s older brother thing, but there wasn’t that spark between Emma, her love interest, Brian (who I keep spelling as “Brain”) and me.  Nada.
My verdict:


(4 stars)

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