BOOK REVIEW (6): Me and Miss M

Book Review:
Me & Miss M
Darn. Don’t you hate when that happens.
Another first.  Me and Miss M is my first woman’s fiction read for 2014, which implies I do plan to read more this year.
The debut of author Jemma Forte, the story follows the first-person narrative of Francesca Massi, a wannabe actress with not a lot of talent.  At the beginning of the book Francesca comes to the realization after two decades that she just might not have a future cut out for her in Hollywood’s limelight.
So she settles for the second best thing: being a personal assistant to a Caroline, hither to fore know as Miss M (I’m totally saying this in a nasally tone. It’s all about the nasal.), B-grade actress.
Of course I could think of another B-word that describes Miss M.  To be honest, Francesca is a pitiful character in a pitiable situation.  Thankfully there’s a sexy Hollywood actor companion to Miss M’s actress status and a gangly love interest. Add a dash of sometimes riotous dialogue—I mean why does everything sound more dramatic in a British accent?—and the story is decent. A good enough read.
What I disliked:
*Francesca was a bit too much at times: too dramatic, too needy, too…Mary Sue-ish.
*the beginning was confusing as heck
*a little high strung—everything was over-the-top. But, my gosh, the ending was just eye-gouging awful. It was all wrapped up in a neat little bow with all of Francesca’s problem solved in a stone’s throw.
Oh piss off. Life doesn’t work that way, stupid book.
What I liked:
*Francesca’s boyfriend is a dear. And a vet!  Yay for animal lover hero. –showers with cats and dogs-
*the epilogue is the one time the book diverges from the 1st-person perspective from Francesca’s POV. Caroline (a.k.a. Miss M) narrates this end and it offers an insight to her main antagonism in the story.
My verdict:

(3 stars)

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