BOOK REVIEW (7): Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Translyvania, and Other States…

Book Review:
Lost States – True Stories of Texlahoma, Translyvania, and Other States That Never Made It
Phew. There we have it. The whole title.
I had this book on hold at my library, but I forgot about it. Not that it’s a forgetful book necessarily. Actually the topic makes sure of that at least for this reader.
In his book, author Michael J. Trinklein focuses on the “lost” states from U.S. state-making history.  You know ‘cause there’s a history for just about everything.
Tis book is published by Quirk Books. Why, you ask, am I telling you this?  Because this company is known for publishing funny, or at the least, quirky books. (Makes sense right?)
And Lost States is both funny and quirky. At the best it is an entertaining short way to pass time one boring afternoon.  It details the stories behind proposed states that might have been part of the U.S. with a few personal suppositions from the author added to this list. (I mean Albania as a state? Really?)
As far as historical accuracy goes, I have no way to vouch for any of the tales of the would-be states.  It didn’t bother me at all, but my dad read the book and he hated it because he saw no references to any of the claims Trinklein made.
Also the author’s tone is light-hearted, as if he were sitting across from his reaer and telling these tales over a late dinner.  So there’s the forewarning. Don’t go in expecting a more serious tone à la your history textbook.
He only problem I had was a few of the suppositions from the author’s part. I think the chapters on Albania and Wales/Scotland/England were unnecessary additions.  These felt more like hypotheses by Trinklein—especially with in the case of Albania—than legitimate statehood claims.
My verdict:

(4 stars)

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