BOOK REVIEW (10): Laced with Poison (A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery #2)

Book Review:
Laced with Poison
Laced with Poison is the second book in Meg London’s Sweet Nothings Lingerie mysteries, and I have to admit I liked it better than the first!
One thing I immediately noticed: it had me guessing until the last few chapters as to whom the culprit/killer was and I was grateful for that. I go into my cozies hoping for a good whodunit, so the first book failed on that front.
I liked the tension in this sequel as well.  Emma, her aunt and their lingerie business are no longer the focus for a murder mystery, but the spotlight has switched to two friends of the aunt-niece duo.
For a moment it felt like Emma would have to take the sides when it came to her two friends, but it smoothed itself out into another pattern. I would have hated if the concord in the group was broken so easily.
There was plenty of self-doubt bandied around, and the secondary cast came to life in this book. Liz Banning, for instance, was no longer just Emma’s childhood best friend, but a woman with her own life problems. And so on, so forth…
Removed from the murder, Emma might not have any directly personal stakes, but she cares for her friends enough to flush out the truth in the mystery and the real killer.  The story behind this murder is really funny and original. I promise you’ll enjoy Sweet Nothings a second time around.
Lastly, I loved loved LOVED (do you get it yet?) Detective Walter.  Now excuse me while I drool to death.
Step out of Emma’s way Brian-who-I-keep-calling-Brain and let her make room for this new sexy southern law enforcer.  Equal parts sweet-tongued and unabashed flirt, Walter definitely exudes the aura of a character who will make his appearance in following books.
So my only complaint would be not enough Walter + Emma story time? –grumble, grumble-
My verdict:



(4.5 stars)

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