BOOK REVIEW (11): Controlled Curves (Alpha Doms #1)

Book Review:
Controlled Curves

Okay I gotta get this out there: this story would only work as a novella.

Christin Lovell’s Controlled Curves is the first in her indie-published Alpha Dom series of mostly novellas + one big novel.
It features a BBW heroine, Suren and her sexy new pack Alpha Maryk—who also happens to be her mate.
So you see it’s not the right time for Suren and her body issues.  Understandable as those issues are as she’s a big-boned werewolf, or in other words an anomaly in her pack and she faced her fair share of ridicule for it.  Maryk wants her to accept her body the way he does.  His idea is to show her in the way a horny male wolf near his mate can: screw some sense into her.
Cue extended sex scene. (Go read it for yourselves, kiddies. J)
The novelette (~8000 words) is told in oscillating points of view of Suren and Maryk. Heads up!  There’s a lot of fondling, groping, stroking, groaning and moaning to last you the rest of the month.  I didn’t necessarily like the whole shifting back and forth, and the description and narrative forced an eye roll or two.  While I thought Suren’s character was fleshed out (she had her insecurities to deal with), Maryk was just Maryk.  He came as an extension of Suren’s fear and desire nothing more.  Basically Maryk is a flesh-and-blood (and fur) extension of Suren’s combat with poor self-esteem.
But I did like it for all its short worth!  It was sexy, fun, and not bogged down by secondary plots and characters.  You get what you see with Controlled Curves: a short erotic paranormal romance.
My verdict:

(4 stars)



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