BOOK REVIEW (12): Vampireville (Vampire Kisses #3)

Book Review:


This is the third book in Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series following 16-year-old Goth + vampire aficionado-turned-confidante, Raven Madison and her dreamy, pre-Twilightforbidden romance with vampire boyfriend, Alexander Sterling.
After their young love survives a town gossip mob and an angsty, revenge-bent vampire teen, no Raven and Alexander are facing off against said angsty teen vampire’s twin sister, and she’s less revenge, more jealousy.
So I’m gonna cheat and type this review out point-form. (Hehe.)
What I liked:
*the dialogue – Ms. Schreiber really rocked with the back-and-forth banter in this book then she did with the first two books.  I loved it!
*scenes with Raven and her family and friends (and even a particularly endearing moment with Luna, semi-evil vampire’s twin sister)
*Alexander’s character development à sure he’s still sickeningly described by Raven who readers unfortunately have to stick with in the first-person narrative, BUT Alexander’s reluctance with his vampire nature really hits home with this third Vampires Kisses tale.
What I disliked:
*the over-the-top Goth description… –sigh-
I’m too old for this s*?!.
*Raven’s kinda a wish-washy heroine.  For instance she describes some characters in a way that leaves me wondering how she feels towards them (i.e. her “nemesis”, Trevor).  Now this point is my own need for closure of some sort, so I don’t blame Ms. Schreiber entirely.

My verdict


(3.5 stars)

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