BOOK REVIEW (13): Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses #4)

Book Review:
Dance with a Vampire
Oh la la.  Pretty dress makes an appearance in book. 🙂
Back in Dullsville with Goth Girl & co. (i.e. Raven Madison, Alexander Sterling, friends and mortal and immortal nemeses) the fourth adventure kicks off right where Book Three, Vampireville, left off with the arrival of Maxwell twins Jagger and Luna’s ickle brother, Valentine.
Dance with a Vampire is much the same run on the whole human-vamp forbidden love plot I predict will overarch the other five books remaining in this series.  Joy! –sarcasm-
I didenjoy that the story focused on a new relationship dynamic, that of Raven and her little brother, Billy/Billy Boy/William/Plain Old Billy/Nerd Boy.  And this especially when Valentine is searching for his own A.W.O.L. siblings.
On the Raven and Alexander front we learn that despite it being her childhood dream come true, Raven isn’t 100% on board with the whole vampire thing.  It felt so refreshing when her concern turned to her loving family and how her immortaility wasn’t a selfless act—in a big, BIG way she’d be changing the lives of her loved ones as well.
But Alexander has his own fear.  All this time he’d been waxing poetry about the beauty of immortality, denying Raven a one-way ticket to never age land-slash-vamplandia (a.k.a. Romania, apparently #1 country for vampires) when in fact all he wants is to chomp on his lady love’s neck and make Raven his vampy mate.
I’ll let you wave together how that goes down when the air is cleared of cobwebs.
What I didn’t like remains the same from Book 3 (and the un-reviewed Books 1 + 2):
-the whole over-the-top Goth thing
-why does Raven keep calling Jameson, the Sterling household butler, Creepy Man even after four books?  (Real rude.)
-everybody wants in Raven’s torn fishnets.  Seriously, there are at least 3 guys vying for her attention thus far.  For a girl who’s introduced and remains having one best friend, and the town’s freakiest resident after her vampire boyfriend, she’s extremely rare commodity to teenage hormones.
-a lot of convenient plot workings whenever Raven wants to get somewhere or do something, everything just falls into place.  (For instance, at one point she wants to skip school but the principal refuses her because she’s used up 130 “sick” days out of the 140 days of school thus far.  And then he’s like, okay, 131 and that’s it.  After this you can’t go home anymore.  Are you stupid or something, Principal guy?)
My verdict:


(3 stars)

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