BOOK REVIEW (14): Wicked Ink (Wicked Ink #1)

Book Review:
Wicked Ink
Yet another paranormal romance—I seem to be firmly entrenched in this genre. NOT that that’s a bad thing…
So Wicked Ink came as part of a special launch bundle with three other UF/PNR books from Harlequin’s fairly new Digital First line. I don’t believe the four-bundle is available any longer, but the stories will be available for purchase as standalones sometime June. (Again, don’t take my word as law).
All right-y, side-tracked a bit. Wicked Ink by Misty Simon’s was an entertaining read. I particularly enjoyed the brevity (whatever 9 chapters translates into word count-wise). The hero and heroine have officially become one of my favourite couples thus far in my 2014 reading foray.
Heroine Dory isn’t so successful with the whole “cooking one’s way to a man’s heart” approach, and hero Garrett doesn’t have people skills—it’s a perfect recipe for a boy/girl-next-door trope. They both have their flaws. Some they see and some that need to be pointed out.
Wicked Ink didn’t get a 5-star rating for some reasons. There were story elements I didn’t like or that caught me off guard in an unpleasant way. First, I want to warn anyone who’s going to dive into this story expecting a sizzler. What you can expect is a simmer. An itty-bitty sexual tension, I wouldn’t even call sexual tension is all that is offered. This doesn’t detract from the story, unless you’re looking. I just think it was a bit misleading, because this story is placed in the box set offered by Harlequin DF right after Lisa Medley’s Reap and Repent and that story is much sexier. It’s just that you’re in for reading a mild paranormal romance. Which is actually a nice change from the more prominent sexier adult romances.
Secondly, it lacks in-depth mythos. One question I still have, and I’m not sure if I just missed because of my own poor reading skills or something, is a full explanation on the tattoo-weapons origin. I mean we’re told how Garrett came to have his body riddled with these tattoos, but that’s about it. I understand the story is a novella, but I think a bit of an explanation could have really rounded the paranormal plot thread.
And finally, the main antagonist was a let-down. They didn’t put up a fight at all, even though there was this huge build-up of how they were an assassin, cold-blood killer and the present fact of their controlling a group of mean and dangerous thugs. Ugh.
But overall, I recently found out that there is a Book 2 to this series. Protective Ink doesn’t have a release date, but I imagine it will be out later this year as it is also going through Harlequin’s eBook program. And if the H/h is anything like Dory + Garrett my excitement knows no bounds.
My verdict:

(4 stars)

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