BOOK REVIEW (16): The Fate of a Marlowe Girl (Marlowe Girls #1)

Book Review:
The Fate of a Marlowe Girl


Such haunting eyes… But don’t let them fool you! Tiffany is tough.
Although only a novella, this prequel/beginning of author Beth Fred’s Marlowe Girls duology is a short but sweet read! (And if you couldn’t tell, I’m biased because I love novellas!)




The Fate of a Marlowe Girl reads quickly, but that’s because I zoomed through the pages. For a couple hours I was glued to my phone hanging off the bed in all sorts of bone-aching positions wondering how Lucas and Tiffany could ever be together. (I even kept checking to see if this wasn’t part of a serial set, because the tension was just that great! And that’s a warning to you nail-biters.)




To be honest though, at first it took a while for me to warm to Tiffany’s personality—or thought process. She’s sarcastic, but totally a doormat when it came to her stupid little sister. I mean, I have a little sister and I can get how frustrating it can be when they don’t listen to you—but man, I wanted to hug and kiss my sister after this read because Tiffany had it WAY worse. Just imagine the most selfish brat out there and now picture you sharing blood with them. For reals! Tiffany really butt-lucked out when it came to the stork’s delivery of her sister, Kammy.


The whole opening made me cringe. Are there really such bad siblings out there in the world?
So poor Tiffany allowed herself to get pushed around for a bit… At least until the sexy and very no-nonsense Lucas enters her life. He embodied what I’d been raging about: her complicity to her sister and challenge her to see the error in indulging such shitty sibling relations. “I’m sorry. Just because we’re siblings doesn’t mean I get to wipe your arse every time you crap yourself.”
With Kammy’s responsibility temporary divested from her hands, Tiffany allows Lucas to show her Cancun. But after three nights in his apartment and company Tiffany realizes he’s shown her much, much more. Most especially how to value herself and particularly making sure that she learned to put herself first timing taken into consideration.
Then there’s a twist end which I won’t share—thank me after reading this book, because you won’t want it spoiled. (And if you do, go find some other spoilery review.)
My only gripe was anytime Kammy was mentioned.
But BUT–there is a second book. A longer second book I might add, and using my supa-dupa detective skills I’m guessing Book 2 of the Marlowe Girls stars the much-hated Kammy.
Does this mean I’ll be boycotting Book 2? No. Actually oddly enough—and it makes me question my level of sadism—I want to read Kammy’s story. I would love to see how she’ll redeem herself as at the end of this first story she is very irredeemable IMHO.
My verdict:


(4.5 stars)

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  1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful review. Also, I believe you are my special commenter from last week who changed my mind about something. If you commented on my controversial blog post please email because I'd love to talk to you.


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