BOOK REVIEW (20): Royal Blood (Vampire Kisses #6)

Royal Blood
Long time no read, Dullsville. I see you’re still looking dull and slightly inhabited with new vampires.
Yes. Book 6 of Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series introduces Alexander’s family.
Aptly titled Royal Blood reveals somebody’s–I won’t say who!–royal lineage. And no it’s not Raven, though that would be pretty cool.
But that’s hardly the focus of this sixth novel now we’re more than 2/3 of the way through the series, our favourite mortal-vampire duo are facing the same old, same old and only after a short respite in their summer vacation.
Raven has to get back to school, and like the most of us, she’s none to happy about it. But then again for her it particularly means no more late nights smooching her vampy bf in his coffin or w/e crazy things lovesick teens do nowadays.
And if junior year and college applications looming isn’t bad enough, Alexander’s parents drop by for a visit–you know, considering they own the Sterling mansion and all. Srsly. I wish my parents left my 17-year-old self in a family-owned mansion.
Rich vampires these days…
Setting aside the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Sterling are hella more irresponsible than Esme and Carlisle, I could not have been more glad for these two as parents. I’m totally paraphrasing, but Raven says something of their being the coolest parents.
In a lot of ways they sounded like pretty cool parents. I think I liked Mrs. Sterling more. Have you ever seen people who whip out their umbrellas on an especially hot, sunny day–well, first off regular umbrellas are useless against the UV rays; you’ll need special, UV-protected umbrellas for that–Alexander’s mother walks around with an umbrella AT NIGHT. Yeah. And for the cutest reason: the moonlight is too harsh on her skin.
And did I mention the author loves her description? Especially of the gothic wear? For once I actually think I enjoyed reading about Mrs. Sterling’s outfits because I usually just grit my teeth and roll my eyes at the excessive detail. (I get it. Is this a frickin ad for Hot Topic?)
Overall the Sterlings reminded me of the Addams’ patriarch and matriarch (only with a little more Dracula-like cape and fangs). xD
My compliment doesn’t get higher than that.
Yes, of course the drama is centered around Alexander’s parents and their approval of Raven and their son’s relationship with a mortal, which had its ups and downs as far as suspense and conflict construction goes but I can’t stress how Vampire Kisses as a series sucks with its resolutions.
Everything is rushed and wrapped up in a bow and surprised no one slits their finger. I sure as hell turn these pages slowly–way more slowly than I’m supposed to because I have to force myself to read sometimes.
Nothing new, so big surprise what my rating is.
My verdict:

3 stars

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