BOOK REVIEW (21): Love Bites (Vampire Kisses #7)

Love Bites
Hey this is a first! Usually I let book reviews sit in my head for a bit after I’m done reading the book—half due to laziness and the other 50% because I’m afraid to be too bias. Especially if I don’t like the book.
Book Seven of the teen-seduction vamp dramedy Vampire Kisses is, thankfully, not a crappy book. But once again it didn’t exactly soar past the 3ish star-limit that seems to be stagnating my opinion of this series.
Love Bites is meh—okay—just fine. Sure there’s yet another vampire introduced, and this one of the non-parent, oldsy variety, but it doesn’t save the plot and the omgah-bad levels of humour.
I know that the series is getting close to the end (there’s two more books after #7), Raven’s whole wish to become a vampire has to have its conclusion and all so gurrrl has to worry about whether her man gonna grant their love immortality and shiz, but but…Raven made a lot of statements that drove me up the wall.
Her desperation to be an immortal oozes from her gooey teen pores—actually she usually describes herself and all the other teen goth/vampires as having flawless pale skin… Anyways throughout the other books Raven has casually thrown other girls (especially non-Goth girls who aren’t her blonde, preppy (tho I’d just call it upbeat—and hey! Who doesn’t like an upbeat personality?), “normal” best friend Becky) under the proverbial bus. Basically she came off as a witch—a desperate clingy witch.
And, gah!, Alexander can do no wrong. Whatever bit of normalcy and flaw he’d shown in the other books (in particular #4 where he confesses to Raven about his thirst and his selfishness to wanting to turn her) is gone. Gone, gone, poof.
He was always in the better.
The other reason I keep giving this series a mediocre rating is that any sort of conflict is brushed under the rug. Quickly resolved in the matter of a few pages at tops: your boyfriend isn’t sayin’ he loves you—no problem, he just has to blurt it out in front of an audience and it’s all patched up. –gag-
Still I liked Sebastian and this book offers a bit of Jagger, so all the male vampy goodness is rolled up into one. Thanks Ellen Schreiber’s fingers.
My verdict:

(3.5 stars)

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