Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#1 – 25% mark)

Guess What?! (1):

So I hit the 25% mark on my WIP. Yay!
6 days ago I would laugh at you if you came up and told me I’d be sitting here writing this post.


And now that that’s out of my system, I can celebrate…and as promised update on the process. I decided I’ll do a weekly post, but there might be some hits and misses there on posting time.

Instead I’ll organize the posts per a percentage system, at the very least. When I hit milestones like now at the 1/4 completion mark of the targeted word count, I’ll post a recap of my writing days.

A little back story with this WIP. I actually started it back in July 24th after I decided there was a limit to my reading back-to-back. (I don’t know how professional book reviewers do this!) I was running from my writing and that morning I sat in front of my computer for other reasons than mindless net surfing.

I wrote. And I wrote. I didn’t want to write, but I wrote.
Day 2 came around on July 25th and I wrote again.

I was ~2000 words into the first attempt when I scrapped it all and picked up a couple of Harlequin Romances on my TBR shelf (check book reviews #28 and #29). And rather than writing that morning, I read. And I read.

It wasn’t that I forgot to write, I just didn’t want to write.
So I ran back to reading. The oh-so safe activity of reading. -strokes books and dies of paper cut bleeding-

In my defense at the time I was also studying for two finals so I wasn’t exactly writing focused. Reading was easier and I figured that I needed some time to plot my hero and heroine’s goals/motivations and the story’s main conflict.

Done, and done. August 1st rolls around too quickly, but happily because…I AM FREE FROM SUMMER SCHOOL!

August 1st to 6th: I write every day at all odd hours as I experiment to find my comfort zone, because writing environment is important and I am desk less.


You choose how you imagine my being desk less.

But even in my desklessness–that is so not a word–I managed to pull off writing something. That something turned out to be a lot, but hey! That’s still pretty cool and motivational, right? Right?

Of course I wasn’t thinking motivational at all when I was in the process of writing (active) as opposed to the end of the day when I have written (passive). Take for example on the second morning I was borrowing my sister’s desk while she was out and about and I looked over at her scanty bookshelf (ahaha, hopefully she’ll never read this) where an old copy of Twilight and books 4-7 of HP sit alongside a bunch of textbooks from her school days (oh. and now I make her sound super-old. I’m dead). And then it hit me.

None of those authors quit. And if they had my sister wouldn’t have their books sitting on their shelf.

It was the kick in the pants I needed that morning. Why? Because I want to personally make writing a career. And if I want it as a career I gotta to treat it like a job from the ground running. So when that day comes and I get a contract for my debut, I’ll be as prepared at least in my fortitude.

The rest of publishing will still swamp me, but at least I’ll know that I have to keep writing and that, more importantly, I can.

Oh and that copy of Twilight is mine, okay! There. I said it.

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