Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#2 – 50% mark)

Guess What?! (2):

50% here I am!

But man, oh man I really do suck with this commitment thing.
As you can see from the word count meter on the right of the screen, I hit 50% with my WIP 10K ago and I’ve been since remiss with this post.
My excuse is I’ve been dealing with a wonky schedule for the last 4-5 days. Family has been swinging through the house and as you all know by this series’ previous post I am desk less. And that could have worked out two ways: 1) I could have been a lazy bum and took some “time off” writing. Ha!
Or 2) I write something. Anything! 100 words as magic a number as 1000!
I went with option #2—though I deliberated on option #1 every time I sat down to actually do the writing. It’s easier to start off the day saying you’re going to write, but when writing time comes—oh boy. -shakes head-
A lot of mental bribery ensues, maybe material bribery (“100 words more and you can go play catch up with Big Brother”).
I had to make sacrifices, too. So usually I borrow my sister’s desk during the morning and afternoon while she’s off at work, but during the weekends she’s using it and I retain my desk less status.
During these times I drag myself to my bed and write with the laptop on my legs or on the bed, you name the odd position.
Why is this a sacrifice? I hate to write on my bed! I don’t know how some writers do it—I just. I just CAN’T. Somebody call the posture police!
As for the writing itself, it’s going as swell as a pantsing project can go.
This WIP is not really so much a second draft of my first attempt at Bad-Blooded Billionaire. I thought it would be, but now that I’m well past the halfway mark (and that means a Guess What?! post 3 is in the works!) I can’t ignore the fact that this reads more like another story with only a few similar points (i.e. character names, some occupations stay the same)
I also can see more revisions in the near future for BBB.
I think the problem is I haven’t outlined enough. I mean I used to love outlining, and now I’m too scared to touch it for fear I’ll kill the drive to write the story.
I had no synopsis, no chapter outline, no frikkin’ blurb for this story—I just started writing on the start of this month and let my fingers do their thing.
Well, that isn’t going to happen next time. And since I don’t see myself stopping at this point until I hit ‘The End’, I decided to track these problems and will be transferring the points I’ve made from my noggin to a notebook.
But more on that laters, baby. (And no, my billionaire hero isn’t teaching the heroine any Japanese bondage art. ;D)


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