One Year Later…

I can’t believe it.
A year ago this day I started this blog–don’t believe me scroll back to my 2013 posts.
And it’s CRAZY right?
A year ago I hadn’t finished a novel, ever! Always wanted to, but never have. I mean unless you tally the word count of all my abandoned projects…
This June I finally accomplished that, and I’m currently through a second draft (but really another version) of that first novel. Nuts. Just absolutely certifiably cray-cray.




Some things have stayed the same of course. I still want to build a career from my writing, and that is an umbrella of on-going goals. I mean I really started the blog for that reason. I always hear editors and writers advise treating this like a job from the get-go even before you get a agent and/or contract.



 I want to be able to hold myself accountable. Kinda like graduating from plants to pets to children. I want to nurture my career and not just superglue my palms together and waste my days just praying. Doesn’t God help those who help themselves?
Some things have changed, too.


I’ve learned to ask. Invite my family into my writing world and I pinch myself at my incredible luck in a group of people who are so supportive. My sisters will clear their desks when I ask for a place to sit, or they’ll inquire about my writing,


I learned to use Twitter without looking like an idiot. And I’m participating more in the writing world. I’ve read more–I love to read, but i always put it on the back burner when school came around. (And you can imagine what a little time management and an agenda can do!)
Wrapping this post up because it isn’t an update, I only hope that next year when my 2-year blogiversary rolls around I’ll be able to actually have something to talk about like I did here!

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