Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#3 – 75% mark)

Guess What?! (3):

Can’t believe I’ve written for 18 days straight…actually I can. It just doesn’t feel like summer break is over. I’m in denial, you see, with school starting in 2ish weeks. Ugh.

But we are closing in at the end of this series–err, super mini series. It wasn’t long for a reason. I was testing the waters to see if I could do this series thing.
I am enjoying the updates myself, so it’s likely I’ll be continuing to do this in the future. For now, this is the penultimate post for my current WIP, or round 2 of Bad-Blooded Billionaire (or w/e I’m calling it these days…)

I’m also nearing the end of the WIP.
Though what the end is really I’ll never know… I haven’t written a post on that yet.

How do you know when the end is really ‘The End’?
Usually when the main conflict finds its resolution, but there are books with more clearer endings–those everything wrapped up in a neat bow–and then the more open-ended conclusions.

For instance I think that Franz Kafka’s Amerika ends off all right…but wait! We know that the manuscript is actually unfinished–Kafka died before he could finish it.

What gives right?

I guess it’s all about interpretation. I am working on a romance, however, and I like my HEAs. The main internal conflict needs its resolution and then I can consider it done…for now. Last post I mentioned I already know I’ll be tackling this story again. There’s some major plot points that need to be re-analyzed, characters that need to be questioned…

So next post will be the final post of the series. I’ll hopefully be done the MS by then and can summarize my experience.

I might even share a teaser from Bad-Blooded Billionaire...who knows?

One thought on “Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#3 – 75% mark)

  1. Some open-ended conclusions drive me nuts! But other times, I don't mind so much. I guess it depends on the genre, but usually the thing that annoys me most is if there's no resolution to a love story. 😛

    Well done on writing for 18 days straight!! I've been getting back into editing mode.


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