Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#4 – 100% mark)

Guess What?! (4):


You read that right: 100% mark, bby.
Err…that’s not quite right. And I do believe I can math well.


So 100% passed…but not done.


Yeah, unfortunately the image word count is set to 50K, so I’m stuck with Mr. Happy Hour Hot Potato there and the weird shaped red balloon back there.
Anyways, I don’t know what to say. Oops!
I went over my word count goal, which I hear is a nightmare for contracted writers/authors. And to be honest even though I don’t have this WIP contracted it still totally freaked me out!
I thought I had the plot under control, but it just become something else entirely.
Hmmm, now I wonder why that is?
Oh, that’s right! Maybe it’s cause I refused to plot/outline.
Yup. I’m starting to realize that maybe a little bit of plotting is kinda a must when you want to get a work into a publishable stage in order to approach agents and query.
On the bright side this isn’t the last post for this series! On the not-so bright side I’m not done, but you all don’t care about that. You want that snippet I promised. Since this isn’t the last post, but I did promise I’ll be posting it regardless cause you know I’m a great person like that. xD








She sucked in a breath. “I felt like an intruder. Especially when I thought about living here…”


Saimon drew his brows, his thumb stilling. His jaw slackened with relief, only to tighten in response to her fear. Her reaction had been perfectly normal. Hadn’t he felt uncomfortable thinking about the changes their marriage would bring?
“Next question,” he said, his voice gruff from the sorrow Saimon wasn’t willing to fully humor just yet. Not when Erika was already carrying enough of the burden for the two of them it seemed. “Why did you really accept the surrogacy?”
Erika’s mouth flopped open and an inarticulate sound popped out. Saimon smiled grimly, his eyes narrowing. “In a language we can both understand.”
“I wanted to help them!” She said, giving a bit of a tug on her hand.
“Do I really need a reason to want to help? Saimon, they couldn’t have a family themselves. I wanted to help them complete their love.”
“But surrogacy is a bigger than normal way to help? Why not help point out the phone directory for a surrogacy source?”
She gave him a shrewd look. “You seemed like the expert. Can surrogacy clinics be found in the abundance in a directory of all places?”
“If you look in the right places, yes. It’s not illegal, so I don’t imagine why a doctor wouldn’t be able to advertise the service. You’ve distracted me enough though, and I’m beginning to suspect you’re lying.”
Erika looked down. His hand was ready to stop that. Holding her chin, Saimon pressed his thumb below her quivering bottom lip. The sensations did something else to his erection. Taking a deep breath through his nostrils, he expelled the air along with her name. “Erika, if not for money then why give so much?”
“I wanted to help.” She repeated. As stubborn as she was, her heart was racing and his thumb tapped out the quickening lub-dub.
“You’re lying.”
“Next question.” Erika said, forcing a smile from him. Sardonic though it was, Saimon accepted her challenging determination and acquiesced by asking the next question, another one tickling his mind.
“How did Yukiko and Ranmaru plan to raise their child?”
“I don’t know. We didn’t really talk about it.”
“Well we know they were going to adopt the child and cover the surrogacy this way, so we can surmise your name as the mother would have been A) either obliterated from the records, taking the child as a foundling, or B) some sort of forgery of your name would shield your identity and protect the child’s reputation. Which could it be?”



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