BOOK REVIEW (29): Falling for the Cowboy

Falling for the Cowboy
I read this near the end of July and now I’m posting this at the end of August—haha! But I really loved this story, and it resonated with me so much that I couldn’t possibly forget WHY I liked it.
Falling for the Cowboy is my third Harlequin American Romance, and by far my favourite! Author Mary Leo takes the fish-out-of-water trope sets it in a small country town with Western charm and adds a dash of opposites attract—the product is amazingly well done.
The story narrates the chemistry between heroine Maggie Daniels, a city girl and Doc Blake, a small town dentist/cowboy. Unlike his brothers, Blake Granger, or “Doc Blake” organizes children teeth and doesn’t spend his time wrangling horses on his family ranch.
Maggie has had a troubled childhood and the city life and its driven ambition is all she’s known… then fate lands her in Blake’ town and she begins to wear her ‘country heart” on her sleeve. Briggs, Idaho grows on her right when a perfect job offer comes her way. The only catch: she has to move back to L.A.
There’s also a kid in the story. Blake has a five-year-old daughter who doesn’t play matchmaker as much as she plays an important role in her father’s decision-making. Particularly where Maggie and their sometimes steamy, but more sweet relationship
So what do you need to know? Well, there’s one sex scene. Not too explicit, but not too sweet either—more of a “best of both” or “can’t decide so a bit of both” type scenario.
Secondly the relationship moves pretty quickly. Blake does NOT pussyfoot around his feelings for Maggie. If anything she’s the one who pulls back well he charges towards her and searches to bring out her love and passion for all things country.
I also liked that the book is set up to give stories to the other brothers. Doc Blake/Blake has two brothers, Colt and umm, I think the other one was called Travis. Anyways, Colt got more page space than the other brother did who was single and super quiet! So, you’ll fall in love with Colt more quickly…which sets up for a series for these two other Grangers. And win! Series are always win!
Why did I love this story?
Maggie has to make a choice between country and city, love and work, family and singlehood…
And it’s so much deeper than that plain black and white choice. She finds herself in the town of Briggs—Blake just helped her, but she’s also had her best childhood memories in a small town. I think that’s why I kept coming back to this particular category romance series from Harlequin.
American Romance explores the family as much as it does a romance between a hero and heroine. IMO the title of this book could just as easily have been called Falling for Home. Or something like that because Blake is a package deal that includes his daughter and the town he won’t ever leave.
Of course Blake makes his sacrifice, too. He’s willing to let Maggie go and make her own choice. No pressure from him. And he’s as devoted a father as he is a lover.
So if you’re interested in the other books in the Fatherhood series—yes, for once I think I started this series early!
Book #2: Aiming forthe Cowboy (March 4th, 2014)
Book #3: Christmaswith the Rancher (December 2nd, 2014) *I don’t believe there is a kid in this last one!
My verdict:


5 stars

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