Passion + Determination (Big Dreams Blog Update #11)

Okay, so wrapping up August with the ‘Do You Have a Goal’ blog hop or the Big Dreams hoppity hop! Hosted by Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, the blog hop features 19 of us dreamers reaching for some pretty big, wacky dreams! Some of us have been at it for a year, and though we have 4 more years of goal-making–the blog hop is a 5-year venture–there have already been astounding accomplishments coming from other bloggers!

Of course it’s never too late! You’re always free to join—the more the crazier, right? Check out details HERE.
My big crazy dream is to hit one million words of completed projects. I read somewhere that it takes one million bad words to get one good word out. Well closing up the 2/3rd of the year and at 168K of that goal I’d say all those words weren’t ALL bad.
Even after completing my own version of NoWriMo this month after I decided to sit out on July’s Camp NaNo.
I finished that project, Bad-Blooded Billionaire a few days ago and I’m still coming down from the up-down emotional roller coaster. I also chose to document that journey through a blog series. You can find those posts here under the tab ‘Guess What?!’ above.
During the coming few months I’ll be starting my school and I’m going to be diving back into revising Bad-Blooded Billionaire. I don’t want to load myself with too much work, so I’ll be picking away at revisions/rewriting.

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my one-year blogiversary, and I kinda did a brief post where I looked back a bit at some of the goals I’d set and how close I’ve come to them a year later. But it doesn’t even take a year to change. This past month showed me that passion + determination go a LONG way. I mean who would have thought I could write a novel in a month?
Just totally crazy–which works because that’s what this blog hop is all about!
As for my reading goals for 2014, I set out to read AND review 30 books.
I’m happy to say I hit the reading portion of that goal last month, and I’m closing in on catching up to reviews. I have one more review (my 30th!) that I’ll be putting up sometime this weekend, and another on the backburner.
I still have plans to read a bit, but I’ll be saving most of that for my school books. Not so much leisure reading will take place this fall.
But I am looking forward to September and another Update Day post and I’ll make sure I have something to write in this space.


Until then, enjoy the last bits of summer and let’s send it off well!

3 thoughts on “Passion + Determination (Big Dreams Blog Update #11)

  1. Sounds like you've done great things this year, and in particular in the last month. 🙂 I write a review of every book I finish, which is every book I start as well. Means I sometimes have to review books I disliked. But I put them on GoodReads, and always manage to find something nice to say, even about books I mostly didn't like. It's rare that I give a book less than 3 out of 5 stars, 'cause I usually don't mind what I've read.

    I love doing NaNos. It occurred to me the other day that November isn't far off. Insane. I really need to get cracking with my current editing project and FINISH before November.


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