More reading, less writing, but more plotting. A lot more plotting. (Big Dreams Blog Update #12)

It’s Update Day!
(Check out the other progresses on our Big Dreams/Do You Have a Goal? blog hop as hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred!)
These posts sneak up on me on the one hand, on the other I’m always eager to share what I’ve experienced over the course of the last month (or b/w these update day posts).
So what do I have to share?
In the writing sphere absolutely nothing.
By this I mean since finishing Bad-Blooded Billionaire 2.0 (or w/e it was called last) I haven’t started another project. I kinda jumped into school—so the immense reading load I had for my lit. classes and I made the conscious decision to act rationally and focus on school.

TL;DR the plan is to focus on schoolwork and in the meantime go the plotting route. Yes, all you pantsers, I am crossing over to the other side…(ohhh).
The one thing I learned since finishing two MSs this year is that I can write without plotting, but that I probably SHOULD be plotting/outlining to some extent.
So I’m going to plot for now, scratch off my reading list, do the dreaded essays and finals and yeah…who knows? I might even be considering NaNoing this year.
And where my reading is concerned I’ve actually finished the 30-book goal I set at the start of this year, but because I’m so cool—and my TBR pile is starting to be an eyesore—I decided to continue reading.
Why not, right?
That’s why I just posted book review #31. (You should definitely go check it out.)
Yup. As far as Update Days go I predict that the coming Update posts will pretty much be the same as this post: as in very little writing outside plotting and a smattering of book reviews as I lighten the load that is the omnipresent book stack.
Then again you never know, I might actually have something different to share.
In other randomness I suddenly remembered it’s that beautiful leaf-changing (depending on where you live) time of the year!
So how’s that season change coming along for you all? What are you all fall-ing into? School? Work? Books? Writing?

4 thoughts on “More reading, less writing, but more plotting. A lot more plotting. (Big Dreams Blog Update #12)

  1. I've been falling into plotting more this last year, and just lately into school – teaching, etc. Way to go with your already completely project, and way to go with the plotting. It does feel like crossing over to the dark side after pantsing, but I think it's worthwhile. 🙂


  2. I'm finding that too much 'plotting'/outlining doesn't work for me. Which is OK, some professional writers work that way.

    I'm getting ready for fall, starting to get all the crap in the yard and barnyard put away so it won't get buried when snow falls. And I should be formatting my e-book right now. I'm hoping to have it ready by the end of the day.


  3. I've learned that plotting at least a little bit does help me to write a better-honed novel, and stay on track. But the trick, I've found, is to not “over-plot” – as this just sucks all the fun out of the actual writing. Just jotting down plot points that get you to the end of the book is all that's needed … for me, anyway. 😉


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