NaNoWriMo 2014 (Week 1): We Meet Again.

NaNoWriMo 2014:

So here we are.
Week One of NaNo down, and about 3 weeks left to go.

Let me re-cap my week first:

Despite actually having been awake past midnight, I didn’t start writing until Nov 3rd. Why? I wasn’t sure what to write, and I didn’t know how to go about it.

This surprised me…only because I completed two unofficial nowrimos this year. I wrote both versions of Bad-Blooded Billionaire in two separate months. So I already proved that I could write a, as Stephenie Meyer put it, “book-length thing” and in a month.

So I kinda started NaNo a couple days late with the decision that word count-wise I’m aiming for anything past 0.

If anything I want the excuse to write every day. And if that means continuing past November until I’m done I’m cool with that.

No Plot? No Problem! Week 1:

Part of these weekly posts will include short reviews/summaries of Chris Baty’s part how-to, part, IMHO, every writer’s biography. 
No Plot? No Problem! gives advice and tips/tricks on how to survive each week of NaNo.

It isn’t a foolproof plan to reach the intended 50K for this month, as in for instance I didn’t agree that Week One is the easiest week. I’ve learned that once I got a book going and I’m well into the word count AND the story–it’s harder to stop. But the start or the starting has always, and will probably always be, the most difficult part of the first draft journey.
Nevertheless I find that most of the contents in No Plot? No Problem! could be taken away from NaNo.

So as per Baty’s warning at the start of the second part I waited until Week One commenced before searching through Chapter 5 of this text.

What I found was:
1) a button to ship Inner Editors to a kennel vacation (Bad Editor, Bad! Don’t chew up my manuscript!)

2) a push past finding the perfect first sentence

3) Golden Hours: those pieces of time that are just meant for us to write–Sorta Fun Fact: my Golden Hours are from 4am-8am, and then at 5pm-9pm; I also find I write better in certain places…surprisingly the dining table surrounded by family works really well when I don’t want to be alone…but I want to be in my head.

4)  peppermint and spices: tricks to work against the fatigue and push toward meeting writing goals

5) “name drifting”: a verb for accidentally mixing up character names that sound alike during your monthly mad dash.

6) sharing might be caring, but it also cause scaring…so don’t share parts of your MS with anyone! It opens the chance for that Inner Editor to saunter his/her way back into your writing life this month!

Motivational quotes I enjoyed from past NaNo winners were shared at the back…and I’ll share one–picked at random! because I really enjoyed all of them–with you:

“One of the biggest thrills of Week One comes when you first start to see the words slowly piling up, and it hits you–this could really happen. You could actually write a book in a month!”
Lauren Coffin, an eight-time winner

AND what to expect for Week Two’s check-in:

1) I will whip up a summary.
2) And maybe…maybe–and tbh I’m not really aiming for the 50K anymore–have 25K by next Saturday.
3) I’ll hopefully still be breathing and therefore will actually have a weekly post up.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo 2014 (Week 1): We Meet Again.

  1. Our word counts by the end of this week were very similar, since I didn't really get time to write a lot this week. I'm catching up, though.

    But I totally agree with you. Anything past 0 is still great!


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