BOOK REVIEW (37): Their Christmas Family Miracle

Their Christmas Family Miracle
Where’s Edward?
This review is part of a personal Christmas reading challenge. No rules, only that I try to aim to read and review the 5 Harlequin Christmas-themed books I grabbed for my first round of playing catch-up on literary escapism.
Book #2 on that pile is Their Christmas Family Miracle by Caroline Anderson. So that title pretty much gives a hint as to what the book is about—it’ll be, duh, set in Christmas and it’ll have something to do with a family.


Family usually = kids, and for some readers romances don’t equal kids.
I mean, what’s romantic about family? Squalling babies with soiled diapers crushing and sucking away the entire libido with their totally off-schedule late-night deedings and such…*shudder* Family should equal no sexlandia, and tbh (or at least imho) it does.
At least for the most part I find families are usually part of the community atmosphere in Harlequin’s sweeter romance series. You won’t find a whole lot of secondary cast support in a Harlequin Presents, or a Harlequin Blaze—babies maybe. But they sleep a lot and an average of 16 hours of sleep = a lot of time for sex. It’s when they learn to open doors…
But I personally love family stories. Because sometimes I just want to read about how the H/h juggle their work lives with their personal lives outside of the relationship. Case in point with Their Christmas Family Miracle, heroine Amelia “Millie” Jones not only has to worry about three kids and a dog with health problems, she also is homeless at the book’s opening.
Yup. Straight from the get-go I was sorta battling tears, especially when she’s being thrown out with her children and by HER SISTER of all people. Her friggin’ sister—I mean, what the heck is up with that? I sure as damn well know my sisters would never pull garbage like that, and because the relationship between the sisters wasn’t really explored, I wasn’t able to suss out if they were close or not.
I got the sense they weren’t because Millie has a best friend who acts as a WAY better sister.
What I loved about Millie is that she was industrious. Even though she’s been forced out a job and into full-time motherhood, she seems like she was the type to work out of the home. The interactions with the children brought a smile to my face—especially the ones with baby Thomas. 🙂 (I’m a sucker for infants).
I know I’ve already mentioned this in my last review, but I’m really beginning to believe that heroes who aren’t Alphas can be super sexy, too! I mean sexy nowadays = this:


Or in my case this:


And that’s all nice and now, but man oh man was Jake Forrester something smouldering… Phew. I think he’s just what I needed now with the coming winter cold.
He’s introduced as an asshole all ready to throw Mille and her kids from his home—a home he actually was supposed to be away from for the Christmas and New Years—but then he changes his mind and contracts Millie as his housekeeper in turn for a place for her family to stay.
Who changes his mind? The children and the dog. Jake is one part tough-businessman, and other half total family guy and a sap for Cavaliers in particular. So he basically adopts the Joneses family for the holidays and signs himself up for more than just a housekeeper.
And…they have sex! I’ve read three other Harlequin Romances, and none of those had sex scenes. But this one does! The one with the largest family has a sex scene! Just one is described, and not in too-great detail because of this specific category’s reader expectations, but we got one folks! (For those of us who wanted Millie and Jack to knock each other’s socks off…just saying. Hehe.)
The only thing that threw me off—for which I knocked off .5 from a perfect rating—and it’s totally miniscule but it bugged the heck out of me and I can surmise it in one word: Andy.


Well actually to be fair Millie’s sister, Laura, and Laura’s husband, Andy. I mean whattheflippintableland! They were SO messed up. These two were the ones who unknowingly kicked off the chain that forced Millie to accept the offer to occupy Jake’s empty home and so on…
Laura and Andy kick out Millie and then at the end: Lo and behold! There’s an explanation for all of it. Andy and Laura can’t have kids! Ah! I know right? It explains everything, right? They can’t have kids, so they couldn’t stand the sight of Millie’s children. Why didn’t I think of that at the start?


Seriously. ~50K of wondering why her sister was an immense butthole and it’s all explained in the next to last page…
(*- m -)

Other than that blip on one of the last few pages and the minor stain with the Millie and Jake’s HEA, I loved Their Christmas Family Miracle and I suspect you will, too, reader-who-will-now-go-out-and-buy-this-book.
Go. Now. For the love of this adorable puppy!


My verdict:
(4.5 stars)


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