BOOK REVIEW (8): Succubi Like It Hot (The Succubus Diaries #2)

Succubi Like It Hot

You know all that stuff I said about Jackie Brighton (and her sexy masters), well… I didn’t think I would be addicted to the books because right after Succubus #1, I was itching for Succubus #2 already!
I managed to hunt down a copy of Succubi Like It Hot with the knowledge that I would probably be on “withdrawal” again
This second book in The Succubus Diaries series by Jill Myles takes Jackie & co. on a road trip. I love road trips. Never taken one myself—yet!
So of course cause this is a paranormal romance, PNR hijinks abound on the trip: almost sex, a curse, demons, more sex, porn convention, etc. (Check out the blurb for a better written sketch of events):


With a hot new figure, her dream job as an archaeologist, and twogorgeous boyfriends to scratch her seductive Itch — an angel and a vampire — Jackie Brighton is totally getting the hang of life as a succubus. Then she accidentally knocks the pizza guy unconscious with her touch. Great — she’scursed. After striking a deal to get the curse lifted by a crafty demon, Jackie and her best friend Remy take a road trip to deliver a cryptic message to the nation’s oldest succubus. Unfortunately, neither of her jealous lovers is talking to Jackie right now, and due to the curse, she’s desperate to get her Itch scratched very soon. Their journey gets weirder with every mile — demonic possession, a charming stalker, a cryptic warning — and when they get to New Orleans, Jackie discovers a dangerous catch to her supernatural bargain. Someone wants her dead — again. Can a brainy vixen in a miniskirt outsmart the forces of evil?


BTW I found one line in the blurb that was hilarious!

Can a brainy vixen in a miniskirt outsmart the forces of evil?
The “brainy vixen” is Jackie Brighton, but for someone who has “bright” in her name, Jackie doesn’t have much going on upstairs.
As a reader I was told over and over again that Jackie is smart and that she has dreams to be an archaeologist and that she’s working for the city university, but her actions all contradict what we’re being told by other characters.
I don’t care if Zane or Noah or Remy think Jackie is smart, because she’s not! One thing I forgot to mention in Book 1’s review, Jackie is whiny.
Like REALLY whiny. I recently read Charlotte’s Web for a class, and Wilbur was hella whinny. But where as I found Wilbur to be more a child, I look at Jackie like an adult who shouldn’t be whining so damn much.
Also maybe because unlike Wilbur, Jackie is immortal and sure she can feel pain, lots of it, but she can also regenerate and heal and all that fancy body stuff.
And apparently the author wanted this book to have Jackie relying on herself and not on the help of her two sexy as sin masters, Zane and Noah (mostly Zane though), or her new best friend, Remy.
Tbh, I didn’t see any of that. I kept waiting and waiting for Jackie to do something that was worthy without help, but I was sorely disappointed. Some parts of the book, particularly the crucial parts nearer the end, have Jackie alone without the physical assistance of a vampire or fallen angel and all that she-bang (and as she keeps reminding us, Sucks/succubi have no strength). Still even alone Jackie gets helps. Okay, she’s a bit crafty and I kinda liked the ending…mostly because I saw no other way for the author to write it without A) overpowering Jackie (which would be seriously a big no-no for me) or B) having her rescued by some (i.e. Zane, or Noah, and/or Remy)
So as a writer I tip my hat off to Jill Myles, but as a reader I still don’t like Jackie. She’s still really judgmental and stupid…I mean her stupidity even affects Remy in this novel! I swear Remy is really dumb in Book 2 and a total rival for the title of TSTL Sucky. Actually I’ve sorta lost my faith in the succubi race…
Yet oddly enough I found Jackie both irksome and…intriguing.
Let me put it this way: there aren’t a lot of openly whiny heroines. Nowadays we hear all about the “kickass” and “strong” heroines, it’s hard not to appreciate what Ms. Myles might have been trying to do here with Jackie. Surely I might be whining too if I was a newborn supernatural facing a lot of the stuff that Jackie faces in the first book and now in Book 2.
What was hot about Book 2:
Zane…duh! Noah, too. The sexual chemistry was toned down a bit, and though there are still sex scenes, there isn’t that blind lust/love thing going on as much. Book 1 left off with Jackie balancing Zane and Noah and Book 2 picks this up again, only this time Jackie’s fantasy of sandwich sex is not a possibility considering Zane and Noah are unwilling to share.
The villain. I LOVED the villain in this one. The first book’s antagonist was…predictable. For some strange reason evil queens with crazy, evil plots bore me. And I hate when the evil queen is up against a female heroine. Too fairy tale-ish… But Book 2 redeems itself with an awesome villain who totally has a reason to exist for their evil intent.
The curse/supernatural STD.
Good one, author.
What I was not hot for about Book 2:
Jackie’s stupidity. We talked about that. The girl is very needy and always drags herself and others into trouble. She’s also not bright. And she’s super secretive for dumbass reasons… I mean we could have saved a lot of time if she might have told Noah some of the things she was guarding pertaining to the villain and her effin’ curse.
Also the fucking females in this story are either weak as chickenshit, TSTL, or clingy as hell (seriously even the evil vampire queen who doesn’t make face time in Book 2 manages to piss me off). Come on ladies, why are the men raining on your parade?
Although I don’t like Jackie as much as I should (and I’m sure the author intended, considering this series is thus far written in Jackie POV), I do like the pacing and the dialogue (alternately funny and sexy) and I loved the road trip idea.
If you’ve stuck around for Book 1 of the series, then Succubi Like It Hot will give you the same sort of fun, sexy times (and Zane!) experienced in its predecessor. And if it helps, Book 2 is better than Book 1.
My verdict:


(4.5 stars)

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