BOOK REVIEW (13): Sealed with a Curse (Wird Girls #1)

Sealed with a Curse
Finally found an urban fantasy!
Story behind this is that I never really check beforehand to see if I’ve got a PNR or UF on my hands. I made this mistake with Deborah Blake’s Wickedly Dangerous.
Cecy Robson’s Sealed with a Curse is a typical UF, in the sense that most stories in the genre have: 1) a first-person narrator, 2) first-person narrator is from a female’s perspective, and 3) heroine has an affiliation with the paranormal. (But there are always exceptions to the rule/norm…)
In this case there was an extra feature that attracted me to this story (and the series). Though told from heroine Celia Wird’s perspective, Celia has three sisters and they all have supernatural abilities. So she isn’t alone when the sh** hits the fan, AND that always happen with the paranormal.
I didn’t like Celia though. Or at least I don’t think I like Celia. I did like that she wasn’t wish-washy with her feelings for Aric (even though I was rooting for Misha). The additional romances with the other sisters were cheesy, but I was still invested in the sexy times. And I rolled my eyes a few times at the mention of all the were-somethings…the werepossum, the werebobcat, the wereraccoon: it go to be a bit too much for me even though the whole mythology behind a were is shapeshifting.
Actually, fair warning to those expecting sexy times, it’s really all more sexual tension. There is no actual on-page sex. It’s implied that there is sex going on, just not with Celia and Aric and therefore nothing that happens with Celia around.
As far as mysteries go, this one was obvious. I figured out who was the main antagonist around the 1/3 way mark. There was other stuff going around that I hadn’t solved, so that made it easier to read the book through to the end.
Celia just felt like a super speshal snowflake. She ran hot-and-cold with almost everyone, her sisters and Aric included, and though I understand she has this sad back story that shaped her personality I really couldn’t sympathize with her because her sisters were way more fun to read.
Still the mystery was fun, the mythology—especially the twist with the gold as kryptonite not silver—was great and I’m coming back for more Wird sister fun in book 2.
My verdict:


(3 stars)

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