BOOK REVIEW (14): Foreplay (a Succubus Diaries short story)

Foreplay (Succubus Diaries #0.5)

Don’t you love free things?
Since I read the first 2 books of Jill Myles’ Succubus Diaries series I couldn’t resist grabbing the free novella prequel to the first Jackie Brighton adventure.
Foreplay, however, was not what I imagined. I mean it was definitely a prequel. It tells the events that were only brushed on through Jackie’s super foggy memory at the start of the first title. So we get to see Noah and…Zane! That made me very happy.
So why am I not super satisfied with this short piece?
Ehh…maybe because it was vague, and it didn’t come with what I’ve come to expect from the series…
There weren’t a lot of sexy times (which in the end says more about me I think), and Jackie was even more whiny than usual. She came off as self-righteous straight from the get-go. And the worst part is the story is still written in 1stperspective with Jackie narrating—the melodrama, don’t get me started:
Not that I could breathe anyway – not when my life was ending. I struggled to find the right words, but all that came out was a squeaky, “Beg pardon?”
Your life shouldn’t end because of a lost job promotion.
Reading about her whine and bitch and moan about being so friggin’ perfect for the job just pissed me off. I understand that we might think that way…but tbh I didn’t want any part of her venomous thoughts. It didn’t endear me to hear “plight” any more than it should. Seriously! I forgot how much of a beyotch this succubus could be.
As for the sex, I was expecting more from the first Jackie-Noah encounter. Especially since it was described in the first book but a little vaguely because Jackie was still brain-addled and remembering only bits and pieces of it; oddly those bits and pieces in book 1 were WAY more descriptive than what this novella (which really was a short story btw!) gave me.
Zane was fine. All his scenes were okay, except of course there’s the whole mystery around the guy. A mystery that includes his history with Noah and their dislike for each other, as well as this whole thing where Jackie apparently reminds him of another woman…
Of course that part isn’t a rant. It made me all the more eager to get my hands on Book 3 to dig into more Zane-y goodness.
Overall Foreplay (which I now realize is so aptly titled) was a free book and a quick read. 
My verdict:


(2.5 stars)

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