BOOK REVIEW (18): Vamps and the City (Love at Stake #2)

Vamps and the City
Since last I left off in the Love at Stakeworld, Shanna and Roman were officially engaged…
But book 2, Vamps in the City, is not about Mr. and Mrs. Draganesti. Book 2 is about Darcy Newhart, the most modern of Roman’s ex-harem ladies. And also the latest member…
You see Darcy died and made vampire 4 years ago. So she’s been perpetually 28 for 4 years—like those people born on the leap year. Lol. I kid.
Now that Darcy’s free of Roman’s care and she’s out from under his roof, she’s trying to re-build a life inside the vampire world. Though all she wants is her old human existence back… And now that she meets Austin Olaf Erickson, that’s all she wants. That and to sex him and have his blonde, naturally tanned babies.
I loved this dynamic. I’m a sucker (pun entirely intended.) for a female preternatural and a human male. I think it gives an edge to the relationship and the option of having said female supe totally match, or outmatch the hero’s strength. And of course she could also be super docile, but have that quiet “I-can-mess-you-up-anytime” aura around her a la My Super Ex-Girlfriend.


Or you know this girl.
Even more awesome the story centers around a reality dating show for vamps, which has a super dumb title—The World’s Sexiest Man Alive—but still makes a background for some humorous and sexy scenes.
I liked Darcy a lot. Course there was that innocence, and the whole bullocks about wanting to keep Austin safe from her urges for his blood:
A tear rolled down her face. “We can’t do this again. I could have killed you.”
“But you didn’t. You attacked a pillow.” The slashed pillow made him wince.
“I had to bite something.” More tears slid down her cheeks. “I can’t let you live with me. I’m too dangerous.” (p. 334)
Clearly vampires don’t get the YOLO concept. Because I’d be throwing myself all over Austin.
Also the plot is in this book trumped Book #1. Like Shanna x Roman was predictable. And sure, the ending of Vamps in the Citywas SUPER cheesy. It was different though, and Ms. Sparks set up her world and explained it in a way that didn’t destroy my suspension of disbelief.
Overall, stick through Book 1 and Book 2 will be totally worth it. I know it renewed my drive to hunt down Book 3 of Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stake series.
My verdict:
(4.5 stars)

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