Year of the Sheep/Ram or Goat??


Happy Lunar New Year!

This year marks the Year of the Sheep (and alternatively the Ram and the Goat)*…and all the sheep-y people born under this zodiac animal (like me!). The sheep is supposed to be the most docile of the animals, and therefore the most timid and easily influenced to follow (which I guess makes sense…sheep = shepherds).
So it’s one of the least desirable of the zodiac.
We’re followers, us Sheeps, but I don’t think that’s true. Oddly, I’m both a Sheep and a Leo…a lion and a lamb…which might say more about me than I now.
But I’ve never been the type to believe in a pre-destined personality and fortune that often is associated with astrology. It’s fun to read about and listen to. Nevertheless at the end of the day I do have a large say in my decisions.
But I would love my thoughts to be more docile. So maybe the motto for this lunar year should be “follow my instinct” because I tend to over-think a lot of my decisions which then makes it impossible for me to move on to more important tasks.
On the writing front I’d like to stick to whatever WIP I’m working on, and stop my jumping around from story to story.
Reading + reviewing is going well, so I’d like to keep up that momentum.
I’ve also been on a job hunt. Hopefully that comes to an end…
For now, I’ve busted out my PJs in honour of the day:
& another angle:
Lol, they’re the only things I had that were associated with this Year’s animal.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May 2015 be (or continue to be) fruitful. 🙂
Now go and multiply the successes.


*Random side note: Some people are arguing about the distinction between sheep and goat–I don’t know why ram is in there because that’s just a male sheep. To be more specific, a ram is an “intact” male sheep (i.e. his family jewels are safe), and a goat is a close relative of the sheep, but they’re not the same species.

Unlike English, Chinese (and Japanese) use kanji (or Chinese characters), and the character for sheep and goat, 羊, doesn’t make a distinction between the two species. So it’s like, “ya’ll choose what you want to be, sheep or goat?” year.

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