BAKING REVIEW (3): Chocolate Cake w/ Cream Cheese frosting

Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese frosting
So…my plan was not to make this cake and not nearly as early this month, but it sorta happened.

My mom wanted me to finish up some cream cheese and I decided to make more frosting and I needed a cake. It didn’t take long for me to find a recipe. The idea of chocolate cake and cream cheese through me for a loop… You see I’m not a fan of chocolate cake on…sweeter frosting and cream cheese can be pretty sweet.

My options with cake/frosting combo is chocolate on chocolate or vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

And I guess I could have attempted chocolate cream cheese frosting, but that would have been taking it over the top. Like I said I was hesitant. Naturally pictures lured me over to the dark, chocolate-y side…

And here’s what mine looked like in the end in all its frosted glory:
And the missing piece…

It’s good! Well, it turned out better than I thought. I was expecting something really…well, not appetizing. I mean I’d still prefer my chocolate on chocolate combo, this worked out. Even the addition of the cup of coffee. And I hate coffee. ^^
My verdict:
(3.5 hearts)

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