BOOK REVIEW (27): His To Command

His To Command
I have a story behind this review or behind the book in this review: well, back in my pre-blogging days circa early 2013, Opal Carew’s His To Command was released as a 6-part serial. I have the first two parts of that serial, but I stopped purchasing it when I realized the whole book would be released once the serial version culminated.
Then I went out and got Ms. Carew to sign a copy and I had planned to dive in, but I didn’t do much reading in 2013. His To Command literally disappeared into the back of my bookshelf—which surprisingly didn’t batter and bruise the book. I dug it out a few days ago and I finally sunk my teeth into the rest of the story, ending the cliffhanger I created in my own mind from part 2 onwards.
Now I finally know how Kate and Matt’s story ended: in perfect sexual bliss after a tumult beginning.
So let’s talk about that beginning. Phew. When I first read Part 1 of His To Command I wanted to chuck the book across my room. Kate’s reaction to Matt was beyond over-the-top. I mean, it’s understandable given what she thought she went through at his hands, but WTH was the whole mall dash?
I guess the part that bothered me was how she went on to dream about Matt afterwards and how she continued to think about him a happy sexy ways even though she thought she figured out he might be a total sadistic and dangerous freak.
If you survive Part 1, Part 2 gets a bit better. For one Kate is finally stuck with Matt a la cliché snowstorm freezing rain storm. Seeing as there’s “snow way out” Kate and Matt have a talk and get cozy. I mean really cozy—they pretty much pick up where they left off…
Part 3-5 lead to the black moment, which I might add was terrific! I was expecting something pretty cheesy along the lines of Illeana, Matt’s ex and former BDSM partner, to make another appearance and have a catfight showdown with Kate after the latter caught them in bed. And Matt would have to chase Kate down again and explain he was drugged…
But that didn’t happen and it’s clear I watch way too much K-drama.
Part 6 moves into the epilogue where readers can bask in the glow of a HEA.
What I liked/diidn’t like
Kate was a curious creature for me. I expected her to be more of a cornered cat, gradually warming to sexual experiences and the BDSM lifestyle. But girl just threw herself off the deep end. Or semi-deep end. She was also more annoying in the beginning, but once she knew what she wanted she went after it.
Unlike Matt who sorta waffled around much longer, but who wasn’t a perfect guy after all. I really do believe the whole black moment lifted his character into the light for me… It gave him a true flaw without drawing on the whole “I-know-I’m-a-gajillionaire-but-I-had-a-really-sad/horrific-childhood-I-overcame” bit. It was all about the internal conflict between these two and the focus on the dichotomous theme of what BDSM brings to the forefront for discussion: how do you balance a life that has close to even amount of being controlled (i.e. following the law, letting your Master ‘punish’ you) and controlling (i.e. being the boss of your own company, spanking your bad little slave).
Also one thing I’m glad didn’t happen, Matt cornering Victor, the guy who showed Kate how whips were used in the medieval ages and how BDSM is not done (if you catch my drift–*ahem*hewhippedher*ahem*). I love my drama, especially my K-drama, but that would have been painful to read…more painful than the “blue suede flogger”.
So if you’re looking for some contemporary erotic romance, try His To Command, and let that magic black moment whisk you away to a mental paradise.
My verdict:

(4 stars)

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