BOOK REVIEW (28): Freefall to Desire

Freefall to Desire
A couple weeks ago I read author Kayla Perrin’s Island Fantasy and in that review I mentioned the heroine’s sister, Brianne Kenyon, and her heartbreaking story about her missing fiancé.
Well I also mentioned that Brianne had her own story, and I managed to hunt it down because I wanted to read her tale as well. No regrets on the search because Freefall to Desirewas (is?) an amazing book!
I have to admit that I love a story that has a bit of mystery and intrigue intertwined into the love story. Especially this whole fiancé-is-missing-and-might-be-dead but he’s really not! The drama, I loved it. 🙂
The romance was awesome, too. Alex Thorpe, Brianne’s fiancé’s best friend is a very sexy hero. I like the single-minded desire he had for Brianne, also I’m sorta a sucker for the best friend to the rescue trope…a kind of other version of the two brothers who the heroine has to choose between when she realizes one brother is a complete troll.
Alex was also the perfect blend of a rich and self-knowing hero, without the whole Alpha domination ‘tude. He gave Brianne her space, and he never gave her the cold shoulder even when she sometimes deserved it for playing at jealousy yet denying any attraction to him in the same breath. Yeah. That was annoying. If she wasn’t willing to jump for Alex, then why shouldn’t any girl drooling at him? That was hardly realistic and the most annoying part of this book…
Anyways, Alex and Brianne had believable chemistry. I also loved the situation they were in: travelling together and living under the same roof while fighting against their attraction for each other—how risqué.
There’s nothing else I didn’t like about the book.
I mean the ending was a bit cheesy, but it tied up everything nicely. I just really liked this book. And on that note I suggest y’all pick it up soon. You don’t even have to read Brianne’s sister, Shanna’s story in Island Fantasy. Just go ahead and j Freefall to Desire…haha, see what I did there. (I was totally waiting to but that one out.)
My verdict:

(5 stars)

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