Springing into action. (Big Dreams Blog Update #18)

So…I’m trying something new for this Update Day post. For those of you to lazy to read, I’ll give you a quick summary: the video below re-caps my achievements in March as I reach for my goal of ONE MILLION words over at the ‘Do You Have Goals?/Big Dreams” Blog Hop hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred.

I also talk about how my reading/reviewing* went in March, and my plans for April (i.e. participating in both Camp NaNo and the A-to-Z challenge).

But by all means watch the video to get a more detailed (and lengthy!) response.
Pardon all the “umms”! ^^

*As an aside, I forgot to mention my reading + reviewing goal in April is 4 books. It’s lighter because I foresee more work in the coming month with Camp and A-to-Z.

2 thoughts on “Springing into action. (Big Dreams Blog Update #18)

  1. Hi. Came visiting because I'm participating in the 5 year project too, and I admire your 1 million word goal. It's a sensible goal for a writer. I also enjoyed watching your vblog. I'm sure they will get slicker each time you do one 🙂


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