BOOK REVIEW (31): His To Possess

His To Possess
Gold watch in cover actually is a reference to a past memory between the Ranier brothers. Neat huh?
When reading erotic romance, I always go about it slowly… Why? Because I tend to become to disenchanted with all the sex scenes, and considering there are plenty of sex in an erotic romance, it sorta takes away the whole point if I skipped through.
So I just go about it slowly, setting a reasonable page count/day until The End. It doesn’t mean I hate the erotic romance genre, or this next book I’m reviewing, it can sometimes be a bit too much when, I don’t know, the characters are having sex everywhere ( the office, during a friggin’ meeting, against the office window, with two blood-related men—egads!)
And I do believe that every reader goes in with their own pre-established comfort zone concerning the topic of sex—what it is, what it isn’t, what’s hot, what’s not, etc. For some readers these books can even be educational…you walk away and learn something, hey, why not?
And although Opal Carew’s His To Possess did not teach me anything new in the toy department—which to be honest says a lot about my perverted mind—it wasn’t super kinky like the more recent His To Command (ßcheck out my review for that one).
Not very kinky, but it was still pretty fun to read. I fell in love with one of the secondary characters, Melanie, who will star in the 2ndbook of this duology… Unfortunately I didn’t really bond with heroine Jessica Long, or the hero Dane Ranier.
Where do I begin with these two?
Well, first these two had the most annoying set-up ever in all the romance books I’ve read this year. The whole rain-so-let-me-offer-you-a-ride scenario. I mean, do people actually meet this way? I’ve never even had someone offer me an umbrella while waiting at the bus stop sans shelter…
It was irritating but I let it slide because A) Jessica is the new girl in Philadelphia and I can imagine how hard it is to transition into a new life in a new place, and B) I was, what, 15 pages in and I figured this couldn’t get more annoyingly cliché. Of course it did when Jessica ends up getting a scoped by Dane’s company, Ranier Industries at a hiring fair and she gets the job which nails down her big move to the city of…brothers?*
After she finds out that Dane is her new boss and the co-owner of Ranier Industries had pulled strings to get her the job as his personal assistant in the growing company, she doesn’t…I don’t know…think it’s highly inappropriate now that they slept together?
But she surprises me by setting up professional boundaries because she’s been heartbroken once and she WON’T, just can’t STAND to have sex with Dane the billionaire who totally wants to bang her so bad he got her a well-paying job that basically pays for her new life in Philadelphia.
That lasts about another 20 pages and they’re back to screwing like bunnies in heat. Fine. Whatever with the sex part, I signed up for that, but I did NOT sign up for Jessica’s back-and-forth assery as soon as Dane’s little brother, Rafe comes into the picture about halfway through the book.
Up to that point I sorta grew on Jessica and Dane and their attraction past the hot sex to each other.
Rafe has a past with Jessica and now he’s ready to rekindle it, and suddenly Jessica doesn’t know which of these two billionaire brothers—who, may I remind you are BOTH her bosses; Rafe being the other co-owner of Ranier Industries—is in her flippin’ future.
That’s fine. She’s got the rich, more mature versions of Edward/Dane and Jacob/Rafe, but then she opens her big fat mouth and says this:
“That’s right. I slept with both of you. This is a very confusing and emotional situation for me and I’m dealing with it as best I can. But I haven’t lied abut anything I’ve done, and I haven’t agreed to a commitment with either one of you.” She placed her hands on her hips. “And maybe I like it that way. It’s not like you own me. Maybe I’ll keep on sleeping with both of you.” She glared at them. “If either one of you wants to stop, just say the word.” (pg. 84)
Excuse me for a second.
Oh, how I wishedthat the next part wrapped up in a quick ending where both Dane and Rafe left Jessica’s ass and decided Melanie, poor Melanie, was their dream lady all along. Just sayin’.
I don’t think this empowered Jessica or made her a “strong female heroine” (ß a phrase which pisses me off btw), it just made me want to give up and stamp a DNF at pg. 275.
And the thing is I actually didn’t mind the character development of other characters, Rafe and Melanie, even Dane might rank third—though tbh he was like a wall fixture compared to Rafe who actually become the life of the company on his introduction. But Jessica just pissed me off to no end. Considering this was a romance
The sex scenes were hot, I must admit, but sex doesn’t make up for the crappy heroine or the bland hero.
It’s okay, but make sure you read His To Possess with Rafe and Melanie’s story in His To Claim. Seriously those two had WAY more chemistry. If you’re going to dredge through this one now that your victory treat on completion is book 2 of the duology. 🙂
My verdict:


(2.5 stars)
*Fun fact: Philadelphia actually means lover of brothers in Greek. And most of the internal conflict for Dane is his rocky relationship with his little brother. Don’t know if the author did this on purpose, but I thought it was pretty cool. Cool enough to share it here at least.

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