A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): A is for Aladdin

Last year I missed out on the A TO Z Challenge because I found out about it halfway through April–so WAY too late to join. But this year I had planned to join up, only without a clue as to what to actually make my theme for my first ever Challenge.

I know you can sorta freestyle these posts (so long as Day 1 corresponds to a topic starting with A, Day 2 with B and so on…) but I really like to keep things organized, or at least as organized as I can keep them.

In the end I chose a movie theme, because I figured I might as well watch movies and have fun reviewing them. WARNING: my reviews will be short and amateurish. I’ll just give it a rating and explain why or why I don’t like it.

Keeping this post short, I chose Disney’s Aladdin for Day One.

I’ve never watched the movie and I bought it last year on a whim, only to finally get around to it and watch it. 🙂 See? Already something good coming out of this challenge.

I liked Aladdin.  The music, the plot, and the characters were interesting. I love Disney songs–I don’t really think they can ever go wrong there. And the plot had an appropriate pace, didn’t really slog through randomness, and I actually enjoyed the conclusion–mostly cause I didn’t see it coming. And the characters, well, what was there not to love with the Magic Carpet and the Genie… Robin Williams is still making me smile from beyond.


4 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): A is for Aladdin

  1. Hi, Hana! Welcome to the A-Z Challenge. I love movies and I look forward to checking out your posts for the month. Short and sweet always works for me. 🙂 Have a great day. Eva, A-Z Minion for Lisa's Live Wires


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