A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): B is for Behaving Badly


I pulled double-movie duty yesterday with Aladdin and now with today’s Day Two movie, Behaving Badly*. I figured that I should probably watch these movies the night before so that I can sleep on them… 
So that’s my new plan of approach.

But Behaving Badly was an all right movie. I sorta went into it not expecting much. I mean I expected exaggerated shows of “teen stupidity”, a nerdy/incompetent best friend, some sort of crazy plot that includes criminal activity, and the unattainable girl for the plain male protagonist.

I got all that and I’m also fine with it. It was sorta annoying, but I didn’t exactly feel like I was wasting 90ish minutes of my life. And that’s always a good thing.

The actors were all right. I was surprised to see Ashley Rickards playing a porn star. Since I’m in the middle of playing catch up with her TV series, Awkward it was pretty weird seeing her in a dramatically different role. Weird, but still cool because she worked the stereotypical absentminded stripper…

I didn’t get the whole saint thing either. I mean, were the saints invisible? Or just crazy ladies helping underage males? Was I supposed to read an Oedipus complex into the situation?

I don’t know, but I do know my head’s hurting now…

My favourite character was Karlis Malinauskas, the son of a Lithuanian crime boss.

The creepy one in the back. That guy.

Very funny, very strange character who acts as the catalyst for the hero’s crazy adventure in the film.

Overall, not a bad movie, not a great movie it was just so-so for me. But I do have a feeling I’m going to avoid teen movies for a bit before I become too cynical…

*FUN FACT: this movie is based off Ric Browde’s autobiography, While I’m Dead Feed the Dog. Makes me really curious as to how much of this story is really nonfiction. Mhmm…

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