A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): C is for Crank + Crank High Voltage



I’ve been wanting to watch this next movie for…well, since it first released in 2006. I love a good action thriller–though personally I could always do less with the crime and the gratuitous violence that comes along with the underworld. But criminal activities sort of goes hand-in-hand with the action.

Crank and its sequel, Crank High Voltage were even crazier than I expected. I mean I’d argue that my heart was racing quicker than Chev Chelios’ during most of the movie. The funniest thing is I didn’t care about anyone but Chev. I didn’t care for his gf, Eve, the doctor guy who helps him out, the trans/porn star or the passersby who were offed and/or injured during the chases.

Look at this crazy guy…

Seriously. And normally this would be result in a bad review, but in this case I figure that it’s difficult not to root for Chev. The guy is one badass antihero. I didn’t know whether to love him or hate him because he kept me entertained for 2 films totaling ~3 hours. I didn’t even mind the cliffy endings to the two movies, and usually I do. I’d like some closure, but I don’t think any HEA or HFN would have worked in Chev’s life.

It was all go-go-go throughout, can you imagine him stopping to marry Eve or something?
Yeah no.

The only thing I cringed through were some of the weirder torture scenes. I don’t really want to stick around and watch some guy cut off his nipples. (Yes, I cringe my way through GoT.) So this movie is definitely more violent and sexual than Triple X/XXX, but I drooled over Jason Statham as much as I do Vin Diesel (I guess I’ll have to watch Furious 7 now for Day Six).


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