A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): E is for Elizabethtown


For the letter E I chose to watch Elizabethtown.

And tbh I chose this movie to stare at Orlando Bloom. I missed him since December (the final Hobbit film). So far this has been my longest movie, and considering I kept pausing to do things like, umm, laundry and take a nap, it felt like several days had passed before I reached the conclusion.

The movie starts off really scary because Bloom’s character wants to kill himself, and it explores a bunch of themes about life and death, and regret about choices made during life and living towards your death and yadda yadda. It wasn’t bad, at least not as terrible as The Good Girl. That one nearly killed me with boredom (and even Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t save it).

It’s like I said, I felt all 2 hours of Elizabethtown.

I did like the speech the mother gave at the memorial. It did make me cry. Yup.

Other notes:
1) Kirsten Dunst’s character was kind of annoying. But I suppose I’d rather be locked in a room with her pep than with Bloom’s depressive thoughtfulness any day.
2) Never really figured out if Dunst’s boyfriend was make believe in the movie, and…
3) does a shoe launch really cost something in the billion range?

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