A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): F is for Freddy VS Jason


I’ve been wanting to watch Freddy VS Jason since it released. A convenience store near my house carried it for rent, but I was A) not legal to pick it up, and B) too scared at the time. So I never got around to picking it up. And then a few years ago I came across a Freddy VS Jason fan-made music video to Papa Roach’s “Getting Away with Murder”, which reminded me of the film. I forget again and I only recently remembered to add this as my Day 6/”F” choice because I downloaded that song on my nano long ago.

How was Freddy VS Jason?

Funny. I laughed more than I probably should have laughed. I had to wait almost an hour before the first fight scene, and then I straightened in my seat and watched more intently.

The teenagers were annoying, but the kind of had a purpose for the plot and Freddy’s homecoming plan. The soundtrack during the first battle was ridiculously bad, and it was made worse by Freddy’s thrusting powers…

I was rooting for Jason. Still I knew that it would be a tie because they’re both undead killing machines. (And no, I’m not tagging that a spoiler.)

Do I recommend the movie though?

Yeah. Sure. Why not? You might jump a bit, you might laugh more. Guess you won’t know until you try.

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