BOOK REVIEW (33): The Other Marlowe Girl (Marlowe Girls #2)

The Other Marlowe Girl
FINALLY after almost a year I picked up The Other Marlowe Girl, the second book in this novella series by Beth Fred. The first story covered heroine Tiffany Marlowe and Lucas Hernandez’ romance, and in that one we meet Kammy, the horribly spoilt and evil younger sister of Tiffany.
Kammy was an utter witch in Book One. Yet I was curious to see how author Beth Fred would redeem Kammy in the second of the duology. I mean, was Kammy even redeemable? Could I forgive her for doing one of the lowest things a sister could do (stealing Tiffany’s sleazebag of a then-boyfriend). I don’t know… I was blessed with a close relationship with my sisters so it really gets to me to see siblings who aren’t close.
I am pleased to tell you that Kammy is not only redeemed in her story, but the relationship of the Marlowe sisters is fleshed out and explained more fully. What we see in Book One is a glimpse of a particularly low moment in the sisterly relationship, which I can report from almost daily experience happens A LOT.
Aside from the beautiful up and down, realistic relationship between Kammy and her sister, I thought Enrique was just too adorable. When he pulled Kammy out of the strip club and he all but forced her into a cab I melted for the girl. He’s super protective and caring and funny.
The only problem I had was with the whole drug dealer situation. SPOILER WARNING.
Kammy has to pay off a drug dealer, some guy called Daniel, for her ex-husband’s disgusting habit and the external conflict here just sorta wraps itself up. I mean Enrique was prepared to pay off the guy but he figured that it was very much going to be a problem either way because Daniel the dealer might continue his blackmail for more money…
Well it never got to that part and sure I was relieved—because I didn’t want the dealer to block Kammy and Enrique from their HEA—still I was disappointed with the copout ending of Daniel’s death. But it was believable: the way Daniel kept hassling Kammy and she knocked him out with her amazing dancing abilities basically foreshadowed his death by a druggie client of his.
And now Enrique and Kammy can make with the kissy face and catch up to Lucas and Tiffany’s baby-making and happy homemaking.
Way to keep it in the family, ladies and gents. ^^
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And grab both books here.
My verdict:

(4.5 stars)

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