A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): G is for God Bless America


I had no plans to watch God Bless America. I was going to go the 3D animated route and stick to Gnomeo and Juliet, but I wanted something funnier to watch…
Let it be known that I react weirdly–my emotions are opposite to how one is expected to react. This movie made me laugh. I mean God Bless America was as funny as a dark comedy can be for me, but it definitely riled me up enough to earn a chuckle every time someone got killed.
As far as being uncomfortable, it toed the line of awkward and uncomfortable with the May-December duo starring in this craziness of a premise.
His buckle is ridiculously inappropriate.

So over-the-top crazy killing spree by two unlikely members of society (an old guy and a school girl) turned out to make for a good movie. It reminded me of the hi-jinks in the Crank duology minus the extreme violence. Also I cared even more for Frank the old guy and Roxy the school girl because unlike that guy from Crank they’re not bordering on being immortal so I was worrying they’d be caught throughout the majority of the killing spree.

If you’re bored and in the mood for craziness, go watch God Bless America.

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