BOOK REVIEW (35): The Werebears Willing Sacrifice

The Werebears Willing Sacrifice
Another straightforward title with author *Nikki Wild’s The Werebears Willing Sacrifice… It is as it reads, the heroine, Charity, is a sacrifice for a trio of werebear alphas who need to settle their new treaty of sharing alpha duties by sharing one woman.
Now I’m not against polyandry, but it doesn’t make sense. I mean if one guy had several female partners and he wanted children, then he could very well start his own pack. But you know how much work it would take for one woman to bear children for THREE men? Seems pretty pointless to me.
Anyways, Charity—so cleverly named for being generous with her, umm, female goods—becomes the sacrifice picked by the town as per some qualifications. These qualifications are not actually elaborated on, save for one: the potential mate/sacrifice must be a virgin. Check.
Ohh, eager to be a sacrifice aren’t you?
Now Charity is chosen and she’s taken from her rough life living in a dingy basement room to be the HUMAN mate to some alpha bear shifters. The weirdest part was that she was picked up by some woman who turned out to be a bear shifter, so it isn’t a problem with there being no female shifters for these alphas to take, but that they seem to want a human to have their…err, bear kids (bear pups?).
Also Charity didn’t really have much of a personality. The plot sorta force feeds this Cinderella-like situation, but I didn’t exactly see a change of future for Charity once she’s taken to the cave of the werebear alphas.
I guess Charity is 22, but at one point there’s a calculation error that implies she’s 26… Not so sure about that, but there it is. Either way you think that she would have lied while being tested on the qualifications:
“The fact remains that the clan requires a virgin. So I will ask you again, have you had relations with a man?” she sniffed. She looked down at me from atop her spindly heels, seeming like she could wait all day for me to answer.
Embarrassment flamed at my cheeks. I looked down at my curvy, no, chubby body. At twenty-two years old, I had barely even been kissed.
“No,” I whispered, chastened.
The elegant woman nodded. “Then my dear, congratulations.”
It’s not like they even checked if she was a virgin or not.
So her honesty sorta screws her over, figuratively and then literally once she’s in the bear shifters’ den.
Final note: what’s up with the grammar in the title? It should read “The Werebears’ Willing Sacrifice” or “The Willing Sacrifice of the Werebears” (more passive, but grammatically correct). I’m not a stickler for grammar but it pissed me off.
Thankfully the book was part of the Kindle Unlimited program—so I won’t complain that I wasted my money. My time, but not my money.
But the pro is that these alphas were actually pretty kind to Charity—unlike Liz and her wolves—these three made the sex scene worth the anticipation. So slog through the beginning and get to the steamy sex. 🙂
*By the way, is it a common thing for these authors to choose names that sound…so provocative. I mean should an erotic romance writer really choose a pseudonym worthy of a porn star?
My verdict:

(2 stars)

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