A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): I is for It’s A Wonderful Life


I FINALLY watched It’s A Wonderful Life.

I knew I was missing out.
The film’s so cute and warm… I was always a fan of A Christmas Carol, and particularly Walt Disney/Buena Vista’s version, Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

I don’t think I need to explain why this movie is great. I think you should all just watch it.
It’s lengthy though… Longest movie in this challenge so far. Luckily there was plenty of humour to tide me through and I didn’t notice I was lying on my bed for a couple hours until it was done.
What got to me was George Bailey/James Stewart’s inability to leave Bedford Falls. I still kinda feel like that right now. I’m so antsy to move and chase after a couple dreams outside my city… I’ve only recently come to appreciate the virtue of patience. Seriously, just taking life one day at a time and really enjoying that day.
I don’t care how romantic you make it look. It’s awful.
Also I have to admit seeing snow around this time of the year ticks me off. But that reaction made me laugh if anything… How I hate winter.

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