A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): K is for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


When I started off this challenge I had made a chart to list out movies I wanted to watch for each letter/day. For K I had another choice (*cough*Killers*cough, cough*).

Instead I chose to watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang because Robert Downing Jr. was in it, and I wanted to watch a crime/suspense thriller after Jane Eyre.

It was a really funny movie. I mean, disgusting at times, but way more funny than disgusting. By himself though, RDJ’s character, Harold/Harry, would have been nearly as tolerable. He was more of that annoying character who’s motivation was solely based–at least initially–on impressing a girl. It was like watching a teen movie minus the fact that the characters were all supposed to be in their mid-late thirties.

That’s where private detective Gay Perry comes in.

Perry slapped Harry on the wrist a lot–sometimes on the head, but his suave knowledge eased up the amateurish eagerness in Harry’s actions. I mean, in reality Harry would be dead a long time ago.

It was more believable that Perry was around to make sure he didn’t screw everything up.

As far as the mystery goes, it was good. It was amazing, but I hadn’t guessed who was who and what role they had to play in the murder being solved and that’s typically a sign that I’m prepared to be surprised–in a positive way.
So Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was less of a whodunit, and more of a whydunit and even a howdunit.

Also BONUS for other writers out there, this book is (loosely I believe) based off the 1941 novel, Bodies are Where You Find Them by Brett Halliday and in general it borrows from the tropes found in the hardboiled mystery/crime genre.

Now let the out-of-context magic that is Gay Perry’s insensitivity wow you.


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