A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): M is for Moms’ Night Out


I watched Moms’ Night Out with my sister, so for once I wasn’t alone in the viewing experience. I’m one of those people who wouldn’t mind heading to the theaters alone to watch a movie. It’s not like I have to talk to anybody. That’s why I believe movies = bad first date.

I digress.

So Moms’ Night Out was my choice and I didn’t have to face my sister’s ire that the movie was waste of her time by the end. We both liked it and agreed it was bearable. I mean, it wasn’t a great movie. I kinda was hoping for more. Actually WAY more. More mischievous, more trouble, and an MC who wasn’t so darn whinny.

I had sympathy for the girl, really, and this movie (along with an intensive course of practical experience) should be given to anyone who thinks being a mother, stay-at-home or working, is an easy “job”. It’s not really a job, ignorant people because you don’t get to clock out whenever you want and it’s WAY harder to quit. Otherwise we’d have people dumping their babies on sidewalks and in dumpsters…

I mean they DO lose a baby, so, that’s pretty awful.

So I sympathized with the MC, but I didn’t like her really. She was just there as in there were more characters who I’d rather follow. I believe that this movie is intended for…people who just want to watch a light-hearted drama. I went in thinking this would be sorta on-par with Bridesmaids if not with the raunchy scenarios, at least with the humor.

But it wasn’t super funny. There were a few genuine moments where we laughed, but most times we were just watching the events unfold. Also there was a religious element that went through the plot, but I didn’t assume anything of it at first. Until a biker sort of talks the MC through the black moment in the last 20ish minutes of the film.

He suddenly starts talking about Jesus, and I didn’t know what was going on. It was…weird. I didn’t think the film had set that up well enough, and I felt it sorta depersonalized the scenario and distanced me as a viewer.

HOWEVER it was my fault. I hadn’t looked up the synopsis for this movie… Wikipedia calls it a Christian-based comedy. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll do my research. I think.

Still it was all right. Watch it for the few giggles, the amusing road chase scene, and the concept of a little TLC for mothers.

And since Mother’s Day is coming up, maybe enjoy it this year with your mom or someone else who filled (or shared) that maternal role for you.

2 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): M is for Moms’ Night Out

  1. I've never seen the movie and I don't think I want to. It just doesn't sound like it would be a movie that I'd enjoy. When I see a comedy, I like it to be a true comedy in that the laughs are coming at you at every turn. If I go to a funny movie, I want to laugh the whole way through, not just at one or two parts, right?
    Michele at Angels Bark


  2. Well, it was a decent movie and you wouldn't be missing much if you skipped out on it. ^_^

    What surprises me still is that this was a Christian-based comedy. I mean if that doesn't scream niche! Clearly they're targeting a very specific audience when they put this together and got the budget and actors together… I wasn't expecting 'The Hangover: Mom's Style” but I did expect some more laughs than I got.

    But humor is a fickle emotion. For instance, I STILL don't understand how anybody could find 'Napoleon Dynamite' funny. You'd have to be crazy or high, or both to even laugh once. Then again my sisters and I watch Jack Black's 'Year One' over and over and it got rotten ratings from critics.

    Thanks for stopping by, Michele!


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